Wednesday, 15 June 2016

She's so jealous of herself

Huffle went in to work this morning and got his new laptop but it isn't fully operational yet so hopefully just a simple call tomorrow will fix it!

The boys went to school. Small had 'Scientist in School' and learnt about Ground Water. Smallest did NOTHING!

Moo and I went to aerobics and worked very hard. It was hot today. I'm guessing our legs might be hurting tomorrow! After we came back and had showers, we went back out and did some clothes shopping for the boys. We bought many many things but at a discount of 20%, 40% and 50%. Both boys had plenty to try on when they got home and Smallest tried his on straight away and liked them all. Small refused and suddenly had homework to do so he disappeared for ages and tried them on after dinner. Only one pair of shorts didn't fit him. I think we did really well.

Moo bought herself a tee shirt and I bought a pair of shorts, two tops and a pair of sandals. I also bought Huffles Fathers Day presents. We visited a few other shops too but didn't get anything else.

For lunch Moo and I went to the Portuguese cafe and ate outside in the sunshine. Happy with our purchases, we came home. We had about half an hour on the porch with our teas and I started a crochet project that Moo bought for me in a magazine.

For dinner Moo and I made Fish Cakes, Lemon Aoli and Cous cous. Yummy, we even got Moo eating them (not a huge fan of fish).

After dinner, We left Moo and Smallest at home and went to the football. Today the score was 7-7. The referee was very officious and Huffle was very vocal. His team were upset that they couldn't all play all the time but he has a big team. It was a very entertaining game.

Moo and Smallest played table tennis for ages and cards.


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