Saturday, 4 June 2016

PractiCALLY perfect

Well the new clock is absolutely rubbish! Once the lights go out, you can't see a thing. No luminous hands, no sign of any numbers, NOTHING! So during the night it did NOT keep us awake and yet in the morning we couldn't see the time either. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO GET A CLOCK TO TELL THE TIME BUT NOT ILLUMINATE BLACKPOOL for goodness sake! Maybe it will be fourth time lucky.

The boys got up and watched the final of Britains Got Talent. I think they were surprised but pleased too. I hadn't seen much of the act so I didn't know much about them to make a judgement, just happy the dog didn't get through!

After breakfast, Huffle took Smallest off to a party where Huffle expected to join in but was told to go and enjoy the time. He went in a couple of shops, briefly looked for a clock but didn't see anything, went back to get him and came home lunchtime ish. Moo, Small and I played Carcassonne and while Small went on his tablet, Moo and I did some weeding in the side garden. It was very hot.

After lunch all together, we went in the pool where we stayed for the next few hours. The water was about 24*, cold at first but nice once in. We whirlpooled, swam, caught the ball and then Moo, Huffle and I played SkipBo out of the pool and the boys messed about in and out of the pool. Today we only let Small stay in the pool for short periods and then soak his feet in soapy water to get rid of the chlorine. He also wore socks in the pool which looked weird but seemed to help, or the combination of things did.

Late afternoon we all showered and got ready and went out for Fish and Chips at Mad Millie's. We haven't been here before but it was really nice and the service was excellent. Moo and I tried a new local beer which was perfect. After our dinner we went into the ice cream place where the three boys had a gelato (lemon sorbet, chocolate and snickers).

This evening we went to the Uxbridge Music Hall for a Youth Theatre production of Mary Poppins. It started at 7:30 and I thought it would be a couple of hours at the most (I was sure Smallest could handle it), however it went on until almost 11pm!!! Poor Smallest was very tired for most of the performance but he said he enjoyed it. We were sat in the balcony on the front row. It was a very good show.

The will be some tired bunnies tomorrow and the boys have their piano recitals too. Eeeeeekkkkk!


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