Sunday, 5 June 2016

Tunes, Booze, Booms and Schmooze

Everyone slept in this morning after our late night last night at Mary Poppins. Smallest looked particularly tired around the eyes. We had a very slow easy morning starting with pancakes which everyone helped to make.

We had a lot of rain during the night and there were storms threatening all day. The boys spent most of the morning practicing for their piano recital. We fitted them out with part costumes, reprinted music and stuck it on to construction paper.

I delivered some beer to next door for their lovely job in cutting our hedge and had a good chat with them both before coming home and getting ready for the recital.

There were about seven kids playing today ranging in ages and experience. It was very good and very entertaining. Small played Star Wars with a back to front Darth Vader mask. There was an audience member there who had an oxygen tank with them and unfortunately had to use it during Small's performance. It sounded like Darth Vada though I think I'm the only one who noticed. He played Harry Potter (Hedwigs Theme) whilst wearing his wizard hat. The audience liked that. Smallest played Indiana Jones and forgot to put his hat on and then James Bond (Dr No) with Huffles Bow Tie on. They both did extremely well and I took videos of them at home before we went so I wouldn't disturb the proceedings. The others played Kum By Yar, Fur Elise, Good Owl, Clouds, Alouette, Pink Panther, Swing Time. After everyone had played we adjourned to the kitchen and outside deck and had cakes and cookies, coffee and lemonade. It was very nice. We chatted and mingled and finally left for a walk around Port Perry.

Unfortunately we only got a short way and the heavens opened and it rained really heavily again so we rushed to the car. We drove to Uxbridge instead as we knew that there was an open day at the new Brewery there. When we got there it was just beer (not that there is anything wrong with beer) and chicken which didn't suit us all so we left and had a look around the old trains instead.

We came home, looked for food in the freezer, couldn't find any so Huffle brought home a Pizza and Skyped Grandma and Grandad before we went out again for Smallest's football practice. The coach was grumpy, the boys worked hard and Huffle and BobbyDeNiro had a heated discussion with MrSchmooze from the football club. Way back in the Winter we were asked if Smallest would like to go on a Summer Football Camp. We said yes of course. Now it seems that Coach told Huffle that Smallest can't go becuase the Club decided only two would go and they decided it would be the Coach's son (well there's a surprise) and the Assistant Coach's son (ha!). During their heated discussion today, Huffle found out that the club offered places to five boys, but not Smallest and not BobbyJr, so Huffle and BobbyDeNiro wanted to know why! The other three places have been offered to a new boy who is not even on the team (this really angered Huffle) and two others, one of which is not even match fit at the moment due to broken bones! There was much talk, swearing and BS'ing and now both men need to go and speak to MrDiamond who made the decision in the first place. Huffle is also not very happy with Coach who has lied to him! Oh oh!

Practice was abondoned this evening due to thunder and lightning.



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