Tuesday, 28 June 2016

That's the nicest boarding pass I've ever seen

The air con stayed on last night until this morning and then we switched it off. The weather, all of a sudden, changed overnight. It was cooler (though still humid), greyer and threatened rain. The boys went to school and came back with reports and all their work, pencils, rulers etc etc. They also gave their teacher gifts out today. Their reports were excellent. They have both worked so hard and improved greatly.

What a mess!

Huffle worked from the basement and did a bit of mulching later. Moo and I went to work. MrsM and Jeff were in England on a garden tour and we had no instructions nor anyone there to ask (should have had D to help and advise today but he was nowhere to be seen). We don't think the cats were fed so we sorted them out, weeded the veggie garden and paths and put down new woodchips. After coffee break where we had Filbert (hazelnut) Chocolate Cookies we decided to leave as there wasn't too much to do. Someone had watered the greenhouse and there wasn't much to pick.

At home we put in our two new petunias (old heirloom variety) and planted the Tulip Tree we bought from the Botanical Gardens. It is now in the front garden with a big hole, slow release fertiliser, nice soil around it and a mulched top, plus two stakes to protect it from the wind. MrsS next door came to see what we were doing and said we would keep an eye on our house while we were away. Moo and I finished mulching our veg garden, sorted the soil around the potatoes and mulched the pumpkins. We picked more green beans too. I hope we don't miss too much from the garden while we are away, everything is growing so fast.

We had lunch, watched a Travel Man (in Copenhagen, very funny). I made dinner for the boys later and Moo and I played SkipBo twice before the kids came home. We also managed a walk around the village.

When Moo told us the dates she was visiting this Summer, she told us she was only coming for three weeks. Partly because we had booked a holiday for earlier in the year than normal, actually wholly because of that. Anyway, a couple of days in and she informed us she was here for four weeks. She told us she never said three weeks but I'm convinced she did. Whatever she did or did not say, today was her final day and at 5pm Moo and I travelled to the airport for her 8:40 (forty? Why?) flight. We were expecting huge delays and we did get a little stuck but all in all it was a good journey. It started to rain very very slightly just to get her in the mood for the UK weather. I went in with her to check in. The departures was pandemonium and there were people everywhere. Apparantly there were three flights going at 8:30, 8:40 and 9pm, all being checked in at the same time by the same people. Bloomin' cheapskates!

When we got to the check in desk finally, the lovely man behind the desk laughed at her boarding ticket. We couldn't print it off properly because their website is useless and the email they sent was terrible, so I took a. Screenshot of the pass and printed it but it came out on photo paper. He said it was the nicest boarding ticket he had ever seen and we should keep it as a momento. Funny man. We had a coffee and watched the World and their wheelchairs go by. Then I left her at the gate. A quick wave and she was gone.

Do not despair. She will be back in December for three, four or maybe five weeks. Who knows but I guarantee it won't be as hot as this visit.

My journey home was the quickest I have ever done. I think it took me about forty five minutes!


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