Saturday, 25 June 2016

A Christmas Box for Moo*

We awoke to news of Britain leaving the EU. I have to say I was surprised and also that Cameron had resigned. I don't really know how this will affect the UK but two comments to me today were "oh did you see how your pound has gone right down" and "you'll have to take your passport when travelling to Europe now". DOH! They had no idea!

Another hot hot day with temperatures of just 25* but it seemed so much hotter. I made poached eggs for Moo and I for breakfast but the eggs were in the fridge and cold so I sent Moo to warm them up for me.

When she realised we were watching her, she laid them on a warm blanket! Silly moo

Huffle worked from the basement and only got out to attend to the pool. The Boys went to school, Smallest had his golf lessons today and Moo and I drove him and two classmates to the golf club and sat watching while they were on the driving range and the putting green. Smallest did really well and was only one of two that stuck it out for the whole two hours, despite the searing heat and no shade. Watching the girls from his class made me realise I was pleased I never had any. They were whiny, moaning and mean (though mine wouldn't have been like that obviously). Small had his class party today and they watched a film and ate party food. I don't know why they don't just finish school now because they are not going to get anymore work done!

Moo and I went to knitting mid morning and stopped by the newly moved cafe first to order our lunch for later. ShopkeeperEl was back today after her operation. She was tired and couldn't lift anything but it was nice to see her back. It wasn't a bad group there today. Not too noisy and I got loads knitted on my cardi. At lunchtime we picked up our lunch and sat and ate it in the dappled shade in the park. Then we carried on to school and golf. We didn't get home until nearly 3:30pm.

We put in a few plants that needed planting, watered them well (everywhere is soooo dry) and met the boys off the bus.

Yesterday after the boys despicable behaviour, fighting and arguing, I banned their tablets and watching TV with their breakfast. Their behaviour this morning determined whether they got gadget time, TV etc this afternoon/evening. This morning they sat at the table and ate their breakfast, they were polite and chatty to each other and Smallest and I even fit in two games of chess before the bus. When they put their shoes on and tried to sit on the same stair, there was almost an argument but then I heard Small say "would you mind moving up a bit please Smallest". Oh it's lovely. This afternoon there was the start of a scuffle and when I said "err remember........" They started hopping and skipping about pretending they were happy to be with each other - the wallies! They got their gadgets and TV later. I wonder how long this will last. They are both so excited and silly about finishing school, though to be fair, I am too. Need a holiday, need to relax.................

After dinner, Small and Huffle went to football. No controversy, it was good game despite losing. Small nearly got a goal.

Moo, Smallest and I entertained ClownRose, LittleMo and LittleFin this evening. We sat in the garden, played on the swing and slide and trampoline and sat up at the pool playing with the ball. LittleMo bought a present for Smallest for being a super Bus Buddy to her. It was a book for adventurous boys. Her Dad also sent over a card with thanks for looking after her and $20. He was also given some chocolate. He is a very lucky boy. Much later when ClownRose was tucking LittleMo in bed, she said, So how do you marry someone anyway? Once it was explained she said "I'm going to marry Smallest and we are going to have Chicken for dinner". I don't think I will tell him, I don't want to ruin their little friendship as it's quite cute at the moment. I asked LittleMo if she was finished with having Smallest look after her on the bus and she looked at me and said "I'm still only five!". Fair enough.

All growing vegetables were Comfrey fed and I found more potatoes growing and fed all the containers with flower feed too. The whole garden is dry and I tried to give it a water but we desperately need rain. It's supposed to be a hot weekend with 'feels like' temperatures in the high 30's to 40*.

After Smallest went to bed, Huffle, Moo, Small and I watched Britains Most Spectacular Backyard Builds. It was quite interesting. We saved the other half for tomorrow. What will they think of next?

Huffle read that to let your wind out is very good for you health, apparantly it lowers your chance of stroke, heat attack etc. Also smelling your expelled wind is good for dementia. We have decided (just in case) to give Moo a box for Christmas with Huffles wind in! SURPRISE! Christmas Box!


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