Thursday, 2 June 2016

Spicy Lumberjacks

The clock radio saga still continues. The ninja effect piece of material tied around the digits does not stop the lighthouse beacon glow in our bedroom. So now it sits in a corner of the room hidden from view so no-one knows what time it is! Well that's useful!

The boys went to school. Today was supposed to be a cooler, rainy day but apart from two fat spots that fell mid afternoon, it stayed hot, sunny and muggy. Huffle worked in the cool of the basement with his 'smelly Buddha' to keep him company. Standard!

MrsRoyal cancelled my gardening for this morning so Moo and I had breakfast, watched half of 'In the Club' and then went off to Suffolks for a morning of gardening and lunch with a bit of sewing afterwards. Suffolk went to School for an hour and left us us moving plants from the front bed that is being demolished into the side garden. We also chopped all the dead stuff off the huge pine and then I climbed the big Magnolia Tree and cut down all the branches that hit the neighbours garage. It was very hot, tough work and Moo worked hard as my assistant, handing me tools, taking away branches and digging up plants. When Suffolk came home we asked about the Pine tree and she let us cut some more.

She made us a lovely soup (which had spice in it, my first in forever) with some little crackers and cheeses and fruit. Perfect after a heavy garden and up a tree day. After a pot of tea with ginger in (second spice) we sat and sewed and I learnt that not only do I sew backwards but also upside down and I thread my needle back to front too!

Moo and I came home in time for the boys getting home, left Smallest with Huffle and took Small to get his foot lump Ultra Sounded. We didn't have an appointment, just an address which happened to be downstairs from our family Doctor. There was no waiting, we went straight in, Small lay on the bed and the man looked at his foot. I could see it on the screen (ITS A BOY!) and it just looked lumpy. At one point MrSound said there could be a thorn in it and then he said it could be an abscess. I asked what we did now and he said it took two days. TWO DAYS? To do what? Take a piece of paper up one flight of stairs? Couldn't I do it? NO! Though he did suggest I go to the doctors office and ask what I did now. The receptionist said I would have to have an appointment as the doctor could not discuss the results over the phone. WHY NOT? We've just had them really from MrSound. Anyway we have an appointment for two weeks time TWO WEEKS TIME unless there is a problem and then he will see us before.

We came home, heated up dinner which was chilli (third spice, ooh I'm loving this spice business, still gives me a sore throat but now I just don't mention it, apart from just now ha!). After dinner we all went to Smallest's football game where his team won 5-2. It was a much better game, much fairer though we were a little worried about the ref who had one sock up and one sock down and he limped a lot. My theories were that the sock down reminded him which leg to limp on or that it helped remember which was left and which was right. Well Smallest has his potato freckle on one hand and a potato pirate freckle on the other!?!?!? It was a lovely temperate this evening if not a slight chill once the sun went down.

Our lovely yellow tree peony


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