Monday, 27 June 2016


Soooooo hot!!!!!! I'm not complaining, really, well just a little. It's just so extreme from -40* to +40*. How silly is that?

Smallest slept in this morning, he is so tired. Huffle worked in the basement, on the kitchen table and on the porch. The boys went to school, just three more days to go. Moo and I had a speedy breakfast and then went out to do a food shop. We were there before 9:30 which is the earliest I have ever been there. It was quiet, empty and very easily manoeuvrable and then when we got to the checkout it suddenly became very busy. We were done by 10am though and managed to go to two other shops for more jam stuff and a book for Smallest for holiday.

We came home, put the shopping away and sat on the porch and had breakfast no2 and a coffee. At lunchtime we drove to Whitby as I had an appointment for a CT Scan (for my dentist). I had never had one before and was hoping that it wasn't the one where you disappear into a tunnel (I'm quite claustrophobic). Anyway, I had to remove my jewellery and anything false in my mouth (ha, I stuck my tongue out but it stayed quite stuck). I had to bite a rubbery thing and hold on to the bars. A laser line had to be placed directly down the middle of my face and a doctor came in and said something funny. He said I wasn't to laugh, to close my eyes and not move. I daren't open my eyes and I had the sensation of something moving around my head. If I had opened them I probably would have freaked and jumped. It was all over in seconds but the machine did say Exterminate and something about finding radiation. My scans will now be sent to my dentist who will check to see if I have enough jaw bone to do some implants. Eeeuurrrggh I can't think about it. That cost me $265 but hopefully the insurance will pick up the majority of it.

We went for lunch at a new place which was a supermarket but with a huge salad bar, a sushi bar, stir fry, pizza oven and lots of other ready made foods. We chose to have salad and coffee but the coffee was disgusting, It actually made me shudder and that can't be good for coffee surely! Our salads were nice but expensive and we sat and watched the world go by through the window and then came home.

We sat on the porch and started to watch the England/Iceland game.

Huffle came out and watched with us and at half time when the boys came home, Smallest, Moo and I went and followed ClownRose in her car to her Mum's house. It was surrounded by forest with an interesting dog house. Apparantly it was made by an artist and bidded on by a friend. It is featured in the Book of Barkitecture.

The Barking Mad Dog House

The kids had a play on the trampoline, swing, slide and climbing frame. We crossed the rickety bridge over the stream and looked for frogs in the small pond. The chickens wandered about freely with the dog chasing them occassionally. It was so hot no-one really wanted to do anything and we came home in time to make dinner.

At home Huffle had removed his flags from his car and the porch. He is disgusted with the team.

After dinner we all played UPSET and Smallest won twice.


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