Monday, 20 June 2016

The day we ate cannoli and lots more

Last night was a terrible night for sleep. It was so hot and humid with no air despite the air conditioning and the fan on full blast. I realised fairly early on that I was deaf in one ear due to going underwater in the pool and that also kept me awake because I was worried it would spoil my day.

Huffle worked in the cold Basement, made even colder by the air con being on, the boys went to school where Small took part in the Student Teacher Baseball game. He was their main pitcher and they won 4-3. The school was very hot today with no air con but plenty of fans which apparantly made it hotter inside than out. Once again, nothing happened to Smallest (I wonder what he does all day).

Just to prove they do miss each other

The temperature was 34* with a feels like temperature of around 36*. Moo and I had a slow early morning and then went off with Ali for a trip to Burlington to see RudeTrude. RudeTrude was one of the original knitting ladies who moved away in the Autumn. We have all kept in touch via email and Facebook. Today she invited nine (two couldn't make it due to illness of themselves or their dog!) of us over for lunch in her newly renovated bungalow. Ali drove Moo and I and we had a super smooth air conditioned drive for just over an hour. Once there we met up with Miche, her mum and MrsBasement. Later Trace also turned up. It was a lovely day and RudeTrude was very happy to see us. I don't think she has too many friends in her new place. She gave is a tour around her bungalow and then we all sat out on the deck drinking wine and other non-alcoholic beverages until she called us in for lunch.

I say lunch but it was more like dinner. The meat eaters had chicken and ribs, there were two salads and roasted potatoes and veg and the veggies had Eggplant Parmigiana which was lovely. There was plenty of silly chatter around the table and lots of eating. We had coffee and tea and then she brought out Cannoli and a Blueberry and Lemon Trifle. It was all very very delicious and extremely filling. RudeTrude bought us all a 'sippy cup' (I don't know what to call it but that's what she called it) with a saying on it that said 'you make my heart smile'. We all had a lovely super time and it was a shame that we had to leave her. The drive back was good too and we were home about fifteen minutes after the boys arrived (Huffle was home).

MrsPiano gave the boys their lessons and I made some mini muffins for the Graduation (Grade 8's graduating from elementary to high school) on Thursday. Small is playing in band for them and all the Grade7 Mum's have to make the food for the event. I have to make a sweet tray so I have a few more things to bake yet. I also made dinner for all the boys - Moo and I were too full for anything.

After dinner the boys and Moo played outside. I joined in for a game of badminton but it was very hot.


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