Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Let's get baking WHAT!!!!

I felt much better after my lovely sleep last night but still really tired so I cancelled Aerobics for this morning and gave Moo and I more relaxing day...............or so I thought!

Just received photos from Small's camping trip which you can find here.

Huffle worked in the basement. The boys went to school. They had Clap Out Assembley which means that all the Grade 8's get clapped out of the building for their Graduation to High School which happens tomorrow. They also had a slide show which lasted 40 minutes showing photographs from the year of all the students and trips etc.

Moo and I got on with our Graduation Baking and made Flapjacks, Lemon Squares and Butter Tart Squares plus a Banana Bread. As we haven't made the squares before, we weren't quite sure what they should look like and werent sure whether they were cooked correctly. However, we tried them much later and they were deeeelicious. I have managed to squirrel some away for the teacher presents too so I have less to do at the end of the month. Wahoooo.

As we did so well with the baking we decided to go out and get Small's Medical Card renewed which was a 30 minute drive away. Unfortunately we arrived there at 12 noon and it was quite busy but the queue moved well. Of course, I had to deal with MrsNoPersonality who didn't smile, interact or converse at all. Still, I got his card renewed so all is well for a few more years plus I changed the status to Permanent Resident so I can get it renewed at a local office in the future.

We decided to get something for lunch on the way home and tried the new local cafe. We ordered Grilled Veggie and Humus Sandwich and decided to share it and have a muffin each with our coffee. The coffee was good and the muffin delicious but the sandwich was disgusting. Cold grilled veggies that were greasy and chewy, no humus and the bread was dry. Moo took it back and they gave her her money back and said they would talk to the baker. Shame, but at least we know not to go there again. When I asked previously if she could warm the sandwich she said she only had a microwave (ITS SUPPOSED TO BE A BAKERY).

We visited a few shops and and came home for the boys getting home. We cut up all the squares, flapjack etc and decided what was being taken tomorrow evening and what was to be frozen, tried a few bits and then made dinner. Tonight we had Cottage Pies.

After dinner, Moo went with Huffle and Small to their football game. Apparently there was an incident between the opposition coach and Huffle with swearing, hands up and lots of WHATS! He told Huffle not to say 'What' which resulted in the whole team shouting 'what' and at the end when they shook hands, each of Huffles team said What to the coach (this was not Huffles idea but it sure did make him laugh when he heard later). He is now expecting an email from the club with a stern reprimand, in fact he is looking forward to it. One of the boy's father was almost fighting!

Smallest and I stayed behind and watched some more of Karate Kid and drew Beano characters.

Not quite a relaxing day today but it wasn't too hectic.


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