Thursday, 23 June 2016

Not enough crackers

Huffle went off to work for a couple of meetings and ended up on a Works Picnic with fun and games included. He didn't know it was today so that was a nice surprise. Bet he wished he'd worn his shorts though!

The boys went to school, they are SO ready to finish school for the summer now (only four more days to go).

I left Moo making Flapjack and went to garden at The Royals. Last night before Small went to bed he said "I know it's a bit last minute..........but.........we are having our class party tomorrow, any chance of some flapjack?" The little bu66er didn't he know we'd spent all morning yesterday baking?

Today we weeded another bed and took out all the Forgte-me-nots, I had seeds sticking to my tee-shirt, a rose thorn in my arm and one in my thumb and a big scratch on my elbow. I came home with a rose, a penstamen and some Chrysanthemums. Moo and MrRoyal joined us for coffee and we carried on until lunchtime. Moo deadheading again. MrsRoyal has offered to water our garden and pick veggies while we are away - hazah!

MrFix came to visit while I was gardening

After a shower, Moo and I went out for dinner (lunch) and had a lovely veggie burger and then wandered around the Thrifty Shop where Moo bought a lovely long cardi and a chunky handknit cardi. I nearly bought some in-line roller skates (am I too old to start roller skating? I could skate when I was a child and I could ice skate as a teenager. I can't help thinking it might be a bad idea).

On the way home we picked up Small's tuba for Graduation and chatted to various teachers (forgetting I had left Moo in the car. Is that legal? She said I didn't leave her a window open he he). Back home the kids came home off the bus, the sweet tray for graduation was set out and the boys fought and argued A LOT!

Small had an early dinner so we could get to the Golf Club. We arrived with the Tuba, our Sweet Plate and an understanding that we would be there for the rest of the early evening. In fact we were greeted by one of the staff who took our plate and told us to come back an hour and a half later. So we came home, watched a bit of So You Think You Can Dance and sat on the porch in the early evening sunshine until 7:15 when we went back again. There was an awful lot of just hanging around but we got to see the Graduation kids arrive. The girls looked really pretty and the boys scrubbed up well looking slightly uncomfortable in their suits, ties and shiny shoes. They had to pretend to arrive again, have their photos taken and then walk down an aisle to a seat at the front. There were awards, speeches and diplomas given out. We missed a big chunk of it due to setting out the food. In our opinion, they should have asked for two sweet trays as mine disappeared within minutes. There was a big cake made by one of the students but it was raw and not very nice. There was far too many veggies and not enough crackers and sandwiches. The whole event was very nice and the venue outside was breathtaking where the photos were taken. Small and the band did an excellent job though Small was bored afterwards because he had to wait around with us so we could clear up. At least we know what to expect now for next year. We will all have to dress up, Small will have to have a first dance with either me or Moo and then we leave him with his classmates for a dance for a couple of hours with two teachers as chaperones. I'm glad I don't have girls because most of the girls wore heels and they obviously hadn't practiced walking in them because they had real problems.

Huffle and Smallest went to football and lost 6-1. The pitch was horrendous and dangerous and we were lucky none of our team got hurt or injured. There was trouble again at the end of the game but this time Huffle stayed out of it. The other team were calling our boys 'Garbage' and the other teams parents were mouthing off. Our Coach called them idiots and was sarcastic (Smallests words). Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with these teams. They really think they're something!


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