Saturday, 11 June 2016

The day we ate the Zoo

During the night we had a very loud storm with extremely heavy rain. I tried to be sympathetic with Huffle but he hid under his pillow and I couldn't wake up properly. I don't think it lasted too long. We all had a bit of a lie-in and had breakfast and then Huffle rang up the local radio station and asked a gardening question of MrsM, before getting on our bikes and riding round for the Hamlet Garage Sale. The boys went off earlier as Small and Huffle needed to get away for the Official Football Photo Shoot. Moo and I cycled round together but we were very disappointed as there were not nearly as many as there normally were and what people were selling wasn't as good! None of us bought anything.
Small's happy clean teeth face for the photos.
Smallest, Moo and I played Bananagrams while waiting the big boys to come home and then we all went out for dinner after a bit of swingball outside. We headed for the same place Huffle and I ate in last night as we were told it was good for families and lunch but unfortunately it was shut. We ended up in Ted's place which boasted a 'good place to meet new friends'. It looked like a bit of a greasy spoon and I guess we had really low expectations but it turned out to be good, especially for burgers, omelettes, chicken fingers etc. The menu was really funny though with plenty of silly spelling mistakes, which was funnier because we were next to the zoo.
Spcials, stripLION and Miced steak. Ummmmmmm
Smallest's Vanilla Milkshake Kamara moustache

We came home just in time to watch the England v Russia game and the boys all had their shirts on. Moo and I didn't have England tops so we made a lovely hat for Moo to wear.

Photo borrowed from The Score

All the boys watched football and Moo and I played Scrabble on the porch. There was a 'reunion' in our Hamlet today. Lots of people milling around who used to live here at one time or another so many people passed our house and pointed at it and it took me a while to understand why.

When the game finished we all played badminton. It was a bit windy but good fun. We took it in turns to sit out and have a drink. Huffle went in the pool at the end of the day to cool off but it was only 22* in there. No-one else bothered but we put our feet in.

Lovely Iris in our garden

We ended the day with a game of Ace to Ace after the boys went to bed.


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