Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Planes look nice

The first day of being able to sleep in and what do we get? A lorry parked at the front with the engine left running for 20 minutes solid. One of those bloody things that comes to chop trees down when they are near to hitting the power lines. SO ANNOYING! I got up at 8:30am which was still a lie-in but judging by the rest of the day, I needed more sleep than that!

The boys were happily watching TV and Huffle picked early beans from the veg garden. I vacuumed, back washed and rinsed the pool ready for the afternoon session and the boys helped me to make Chilli for dinner. We made it in the Slow Cooker and Small was amazed at the ingredients in it. Once they had cleared a few things from their school bags, they spent the rest of the morning on their tablets together. Huffle and I attempted to put up another washing line but while he walked up from the basement he bumped his head. Outside, I fell over in a very dramatic way and got a huge scratch on my inside leg, two scraped red knees and a cut toe. Whatever I did, I managed to dig up a plant which landed on top of my bum, roots and all. What a plonker. I hobbled inside and called the boys who quickly came to my aid. I wa antibax'ed, germalened and two plasters put on, one at the top of my scratch and the other at the bottom. I'm sure they will be doctors one day (ahem). I also knocked my elbow later, tripped over something and stubbed my toe. I think I need a holiday.

Late lunchtime, Suffolk and family arrived for the afternoon. The kids all played outside until we made lunch. After lunch they all went in the pool. Suffolk and I sat with them and knitted and chatted. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

We had to have our dinner early this evening as Smallest had a football game that was over an hour's drive away, all the way to the airport which is ridiculous. However it was a lovely evening and perfect viewing conditions.

On the way we passed a bus car park. Schools out for Summer!
As I was taking this throu the open car window, the wind whipped the phone from my hand and I nearly lost it. I managed to hold on to the tiny flappy bit that hides the charging cable!

Unfortunately there wasn't a lot to view. Our team played a much better team who were well organised and had a good couple of players that Huffle wanted to steal for our own team. The score was 4-0 and Coach wasn't there again so CoachOl and CoachP were in charge. CoachOl was very quiet during the game and at half time was heard to say "have a drink of water, sit down and we'll meditate" and nothing else!!!!! The goalie tried to tell a joke and was told to shut up. After the game CoachOl told the boys that they won because they passed the ball?!!! What a load of Cr@p. I don't believe he wants the kids to win and I don't really know what he does want, he played most of the boys (not Smallest though) out of their normal positions. What a joke.

BigFrank was heard to say "well the planes look nice". I'm afraid that was the only positive thing that could be said. Huffle and I are so pleased we are going away and we can give poor Smallest a break from this ridiculousness.



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