Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Basement, Bobble and Bananas

Huffle worked from home today, tomorrow he gets his new laptop so today he was moaning about the one he has, not working properly anywhere but in the cold Basement. The boys went to school, Small armed with two bags full of clothes for a play he did after school which involved the song 'Happy' and a dance! Smallest went with his two golf clubs (he seems to have outgrown the rest of them) as he had a lesson during school today. He loved it and got several holes in one (on the putting green). He has another one next week.

Moo and I didn't go to work today as we had to take Small to the doctors later and there wasn't time. So instead we sewed until mid-morning. Moo (I think) has nearly finished her bag and I'm hoping it has inspired her to get her sewing machine out at home. I just pressed mine and talked Moo through what she needed to do from the pattern. Then we picked Small up from school and took him to the doctors for the results of his Ultra Sound. He called it a really long name that I can't remember and said there were no blood vessels attached so it is not tumorous or cancerous and is either an abscess or a 'bobble' as we called it. Whatever it is, it needs to come out so we have now been referred to General Surgery for it to be removed. I think he is okay about it, he didn't seem worried except that he wanted to know if he would get 'goofy gas'. I told him he would definitely get something. We returned him to school and came back for lunch where we sat in the sunshine and played a game of SkipBo.

This afternoon we went shopping for food and bought several pairs of shorts mainly for Smallest (which didn't end up fitting him anyway). We also picked up a lovely herb pot for RudeTrude who we are going to see on Monday.

After we put all the shopping away we started on dinner. Today we made two lasagnes, vegetable and beef. I also made a banana chocolate loaf as the bananas had gone over.

After dinner, we left Moo at home waiting for Small to come back from the park where he was doing his play and we took Smallest to his football practice. This was an interesting practice as CoachOl was there again, confusing the boys and doing some very strange drills with them. At one point he was getting them to throw and catch the ball and he has changed the goalkeeper all of a sudden. Very strange. Huffle tried to find out what was going on and only worked out that someone had complained about our usual coach and assistant and that is why CoachOl was there. Ummmmmm I wonder who that was? Surely one of the new ones?


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