Sunday, 19 June 2016

Off with his head!

A photo from yesterday I forgot to post

Huffle couldn't sleep so got up early, which in turn woke me and made me get up early to go into the loft to wrap his presents, which in turn made Moo get up earlier. Smallest was already up. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. We saved the Fathers Day Extravaganza for when Small is here too.

Waffles and fruit for breakfast with cards and presents, followed by a very quick walk around the garden sooooooo hot today! We planted some bean seeds and Smallest threw some seeds around try flower garden that w collected last year. We also planted the peppers that have been roasting in the sun room.

Our morning consisted of playing board games; Chinese checkers, Pokemon Yahtzee, Space Race, Blokkus and Jenga. Lunch was eaten and then we all went up to the pool. The temperature of the water was 26*. We all went in and did a whirlpool and Huffle and Smallest did some synchronized under water stuff.

There was lots of reading, nearly falling asleeps, an ice cream, more swimming and jumping and a game of UNO. Huffle bought his music and new speaker up to the pool so we had music all afternoon.

Later afternoon we showered and sat on the porch waiting for the return of Small. He was supposed to be back by 6pm and we were waiting to go out for dinner. He finally arrived around 6:30pm and we went out. He climbed to the top of Bon Echo which was 100m up 200 steps, canoed, caught a big fish and swung in a hammock. He had a good time. Smallest was tired again and we made him stay inside the air con house till we went out.

Smallest originally had football practice but it was called off last night due to Coach and Assistant Coach being out and it being too hot to train, however CoachOl said he would be there if anyone wanted to go. We didn't! There is no way Smallest could train in this heat, it's ridiculous.



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