Saturday, 18 June 2016

Everyone's gone to the cottage

A lovely sleep, a nice lie-in and breakfast without my big bear who is happy at camp.

After breakfast we slowly made our way to the garden and did a bit of weeding, Smallest planted his sunflower and beans and funny annual yellow fluff and planted some carrot seeds. We all went up to the pool. We took with us a cool box with icy water, scrabble from last night that we ended up abondoning because there was just nowhere to go. We all read, some watched the football, most of us went in the pool but someone stayed out and consequently got squirted with water and got her book wet - whoops.

We had a game of SkipBo and StripJackNaked. It was very hot up there today. This afternoon Otto had a fire and it was very stinky. Of course, even though the clouds were blowing away from us, his fire was blowing right at our house and the pool. I got annoyed and picked up a water squirter to fire at the smoke but realised he was there. I shouted YOUR FIRE IS TOO SMOKEY. He said sorry and fetched a watering can to put it out. I did thank him, but honestly! What do you need a fire for when it's THAT hot?

Early evening we came in for showers and went out for dinner and a small walk. It was still very warm and Smallest was very tired so we came home. After he went to bed we played cards.

We have succumbed and put the air conditioning on.


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