Sunday, 12 June 2016


There were huge horrendous winds during the night which kept all the adults awake and at least one child. There didn't seem to be any damage though luckily. Otto next door has a tree which is definitely dead and very large. It always creaks when the wind blows but now it is almost bending over. I think we need to speak to him about it because several branches have landed on top of my car already! I got up at 3am to move the wind spinner becuase ai was worried it might break.

Smallest got very confused this morning and thought it was a school day, and made and ate his breakfast before anyone emerged and by the time we were ready for our breakfast, he had breakfast no2! Silly Billy.

We decided to pack a lunch and go for a walk on Rouge Park Beach as Moo had not been here before. The weather was very sunny but still very windy. It brought a lot of people out, including walkers, dog walkers, kids on bikes and proper cyclists, one of which said "careful" in a patronising tone despite the fact we had all moved over for her and then when she came back the other way shouted "parsing on your left!". Of course this started a new game where everytime we passed the ball to each other, we shouted PARSING PARSING.

We took two small bouncy balls with us and 'parsed' them between us. We didn't lose either of them though it was touch and go at times. The path is nicely concreted all along the lake and the beach is lined with beautiful rocks and stones before a lovely sandy beach. The water is sooooo clear too. We were protected form the wind by the train track which sat up high on a bank.

There was plenty of silliness and running, climbing on the rocks and a bit of beach walking.

We crossed two bridges and came to a point where the path went into suburbia so we turned around and looked for a picnic spot.

We found the perfect place on a pile of man made rocks in the lake where no-one else was. Of course, for us, this meant "look at us everyone, see how much fun we are having, why don't you join us RIGHT NOW" and lo and behold a family joined us one by one. Honestly we can be anywhere in the World and we still get people sitting next to us.

We saw wild iris', yellow and purple and a dog rose (maybe there were houses there once). We saw MrEccentric Chinese man with rolled up trousers and jaunty cap (who also joined us on our rock as we were leaving) and two girls who sat in chairs next to the train track, not looking at the lake but at the track (maybe they were train spotters). There was also a random lady who sat at a table near the bridges saying hello to people but not saying why she was there. We saw a turtle on a stick in the lake and watched as a lone goose paddled his way against the current and later a line of geese who seemed to be reserving their energy by paddling closely behind each other. There were also lovely little blue streaked swifts or swallows flying around and a Bjorn Bjorg look-a-like (though he didn't really, he was just wearing a hat that looked like a headband) and he sang to himself on his bike.

We walked a bit further than we started and stopped for some chocolate and a sit in the wind. After we had been blown to oblivion, we decided to get in the car and come home. What a lovely walk.

At home, Huffle Facetimed Grandma and Grandad and watched the Blue Jays, the boys played on the Wii and Moo and I played a game of SkipBo and made pizza for tea.

Everyone went to football this evening. Huffle and Small coached the FrenchTwins and Moo and I watched Smallest at his practice. Tonight's practice was taken over by CoachOl which really confused the kids. They had to practice lots of keepy ups, balancing balls on heads!?!? and ball control. When they played the mini game at the end, they weren't allowed to mark players which made Smallest very frustrated, instead they had to mark their zone. Smallest is not happy but we have told him to keep with it for now and see what happens. We have no idea whether CoachOl is taking over the rest of the sessions but I do know that CoachRy was not happy and looked like a sulky kid for most of the practice.

Huffle and the Twins


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