Friday, 10 June 2016

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Huffle is still very stressed and feeling very 'put upon'. Hopefully a night out will help. He spent all day at home working and his laptop is still not fixed!

The boys went to school, very much looking forward to the end of term which is coming very fast (about three weeks away). Today was the School's SpringFest so no doubt everyone was worrying about that and not too much school work is being done.

Moo and I went to Knitting mid morning and picked up the lovelyEnglishRose for a morning of chat, coffee and knitting. Rose didn't take any knitting which was good for me as I had three pairs of socks to sew in ends for and she did half of them for me. I did the other half and helped Suffolk with her knitting. Moo started knitting a square for the start of her blanket and also helped Suffolk. It was a lovely group there today with IrishBern, Moo, Suffolk, TheEnglishRose, me and Sondra (who was the only non British one there, but is an expert knitter and was looking after the shop today as ShopkeeperEl is in hospital after having an unplanned operation).

After I dropped Rose home (and she gave me a hug, a kiss, told me she loved me and that she didn't know what she would do without me) I went back for Moo and Suffolk and we had a lovely lunch in the local cafe. I helped undo Suffolks knitting and ended up taking it home to do it properly. We also went to the sewing shop where we did our bag course to show them that we had finished. They were really impressed and couldn't believe we had done it so quickly - that's a first for us, not only finishing but being told we did it quickly.

On the way home Moo and I shopped for low seats. At home, we left Moo in charge of the boys for the evening and we sorted bikes for Moo and Smallest who went to SpringFest. I will report on that tomorrow.

Huffle put the bunting up for the Euro Championships

Small stayed at home and was taken to football by CoachAndy. I will report on that tomorrow too, except to say that Huffle missed coaching his football team tonight and they lost 5-3. The assistant coach is sacked ha! Actually it was probably a good result as the other coaches would have been looking to steal more of the good players but maybe not now. Small played up front towards the end and had a few chances. Huffle is gutted that they lost but of course it's because he wasn't there!

Huffle and I went off to Toronto for the Florence and the Machine concert at the Molson Ampitheatre. We drove to Pickering/Scarborough first and found a great Italian restaurant where we had a lovely Calzone each. It was massive and the table next to us said they would help us eat it but we managed most of it. We definitely want to bring the kids back here, they would love it.

We drove into Toronto and found a parking space for just $25, a bit steep but it was in walking distance. I did drop my cardi on the way but we found it and carried on towards the venue. There were people everywhere and considering it opened at 6:30 and we got there at around 8pm, the queue to get in was HUGE. Still, it moved well. I'm not sure at what point we realised no one else (not one person) was carrying a chair. Just us!!!! And it soon became apparent why we didn't need one. The whole place seats 16,000 people and we had tickets for the sloping 'lawn' where we would fit our chairs. There was limited space and definitely no room for chairs. We actually ended up behind the seated people and stood. Everyone in the seats stood, everyone on the lawn stood. So really there was no seating at all but that suited me just fine. I had room to move, to dance to jump and even to skip around in a 'florenceesq stylee'.

Florence and the Machine came on at 9pm as advertised. They were excellent. Bloody brilliant. She is crazy, eccentric and very English. I loved it. She played all my favourites except for one that is really obscure and I didn't expect it to be played anyway. Huffle enjoyed it though he doesn't move much, maybe a tiny sway but it's hard to know if that's his feet hurting. I made him wave at one point. He doesn't sing, He does clap. He doesn't like really loud, and Florence does at times sing very loud! It helped that it was outdoors. They came on for an encore of two extra songs. Florence also came out into the crowd twice and also made everyone put away their phones for one whole song. Huffle bought me a very large can of beer and it cost $15.75 - he was horrified but he still bought it. Awww bless him.

We attempted to walk out at the end but it was too busy so we sat down and waited. We obviously didn't wait long enough becuase we got stuck in a huge bottle neck coming out. Eventually we got back to the car where I took off my shoes and rested my aching feet. The city was very busy and Huffle didn't like it but he got us home safely and soundly.




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