Saturday, 25 June 2016

Raw relrom*

**Alternative title for today was : I'd eat a salad everyday if it came with onion rings and sweet potato fries.

* my boys have started talking in Scooby-Doo language. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes annoying. Today as two Chinese people were crossing in front of our car, they didn't acknowledge us or thank us so I shouted 'Raw Relrom' (you're welcome) but Huffle thought I was saying it in a Chinese way. He keeps calling me a racist! As if I would!!!

**I had a lovely Grilled Salmon Salad for lunch and Moo had a Apple, Walnut and Goats Cheese Salad but we all shared onion rings and sweet potato fries.

We all had a very slow lazy morning, followed by a spot of gardening in the hot sunshine. Even the boys came and helped with some deadheading and clearing. They earned time on their gadgets, plus they didn't argue. I caught them earlier in what looked like a fight but they said they were hugging. Yeah right!

We moved the patio table into the shade and sat around it playing Chess, reading, playing etc and drinking iced lime water. Late lunch we went out for dinner and then went looking for Preserving Sugar (we are going strawberry picking tomorrow) and a Baseball Glove for Small for his birthday from Moo. We found several he liked but decided to check out some other shops. I wish we hadn't because it was a waste of time. We went miles out of our way for a clearance sale that only had left handed ones left (so annoying). We made up for it by finding a nice Gelato shop. We tried one more shop before finally getting home and all jumping in the pool.

He does like a lemon
Silly Moo playing in the shop
I want this one

6:30pm and the temperature on the pool was 26*. The temperature outside it was still 28*. We blew up all the inflatables and had a bumper car crash with Moo in the middle of it all pushing us around. It was all very silly, a lot of fun and we cooled down.

Plenty of room till all five of us are in plus five inflatables

After showers we found our jam recipe and realised we had forgotten the Pectin. As the strawberry picking farm is nowhere near a supermarket, Huffle went out to buy some. The boys watched TV and had some tea before bed.



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