Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I apologise for the future

A nice warm day, not nearly as hot as the previous few thank goodness. Today's temperature was a good 23*. Huffle worked in the basement and didn't realise how nice the day was as he couldn't get out, shame because looking through his little window showed to be quite dull but outside it was perfect.

We caught another film set

Small went to school and didn't do a lot as most of his class were out on an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Smallest had his Track and Field this afternoon and came home with two third place ribbons. Moo and I went to watch and we saw the first ribbon given for an excellent relay race where he was third and fourth runner (he ran twice). The second ribbon was for javelin. Three attempts and his third was really far. Unfortunately we had to leave to get some shopping done so we missed the ribbon giving but saw the event. We also watched him do a long jump and a 100m race.

This morning Moo and I went to work and weeded in the Potage mainly. I put together all MrsM's new solar lights and stuck them in the garden. Moo and the other two swept and weeded the paths. For coffee break Jan had made Lemon Iced Lemon and Poppy Seed with Candied Ginger Cookies. They sound a mouthful but they were delicious.

....weren't they Moo

We came home briefly to make a take away lunch, got changed and drove to Smallests Track and Field. We stayed for a couple of hours and then did our food shop. We made dinner of Meatballs and Beetballs (minus the beetroot) with pasta and everyone but me went off to football practice. I had a visit from ClownRose, LittleMo and LittleFin and we played on the swing and picked some lettuce and a teeny weeny courgette. The rest of the time to myself I just knit and watched TV. I am soooo tired, my glands are up and my head is hot!

Everyone came home, the practice was okay but the field they were on was rubbish.

This evening Smallest slept walk downstairs and went into the bathroom. We asked what he was doing but he was really disorientated. Moo ended up taking him back to bed. Funny little man.


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