Friday, 3 June 2016

You can't beat a Frothy Cowslip

Today was PA Day so the boys were off school. Huffle went to the office which was probably a good place to be considering how argumentative the boys have been today. After breakfast I left Moo and the boys at home and went to see DrMark, a dentist. It was my normal dental office but just a different dentist who deals in other procedures. He looked at my tooth (wobbly) and decided I needed to go for a CT Scan to see if my jawbone is good enough to take two implants. Ummmm. We discussed it a little bit and I made him laugh when he said that some people have the procedure with just the normal freezing, depending on how brave they are. I AM NOT BRAVE, NOT BRAVE AT ALL, I CANT EVEN PRETEND TO BE BRAVE. He thought that was funny but very honest. He said some people take a sleeping tablet and some people are just knocked out completely but he told me not to think or worry about it yet. I have a referral form for the CT Scan and once it's done he will contact me to discuss the next step.

I came home and everyone was up at the pool. Small had been in the pool but was too worried about his toes to stay in. Smallest had been in but it was too cold (22* in and out of the pool but cloudy and not too sunny right then). Smallest went off for his shower, Moo read her magazine (she was dressed for the pool but the boys said she didn't have to go in).

The sun came out and it got really warm. We all played on the trampoline but I cut my toe when I got off and the boys helped to put a plaster and and cream on it.

After lunch Moo and I cleared some weeds from the garden. MrJ next door had come round to cut our cedar hedge earlier (he made a lovely job) so we carried it all down to the fire pit and then got the strimmer out and strimmed the back garden. We needed three extension leads even though we plugged it in to the barn. It was very hot this afternoon and the boys were playing football, basketball and cricket, in between fighting and arguing.

We all had an ice pole up at the pool. Smallest dropped his all over me and I went in the pool to rid myself of the stickiness and cool down, though I was wearing my clothes! Eventually we all came in, changed and made dinner.

After dinner everyone but Smallest and I went to football. They won 8-2. The referee insisted on an opening ceremony with both teams and coaches standing in a line on the centre line facing the crowd (well Moo) just like the Champions League. AssistantAndy sang the English National Anthem which made Huffle happy. The ref was an idiot, he gave lots of offsides to even up the game, Huffle swore.

We watched Karate Kid (1983 version) for an hour before bedtime for Smallest and the w e played Dominoes and Guess Who. There was no way he was going to bed late tonight. He has been so grumpy today. I pretty much finished my bag, except for my removable pocket. I am extremely pleased with it.

Late evening Huffle and I acted as live navigational reporters for Aunt Pear on the way to the airport.

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