Monday, 13 June 2016

The day the car died!

Huffle went in to the office today. Still loads of work, still stressed but with maybe a plan on how to get things moving in a better way. He had to pull his weight a little with the IT department and let them know he was a 'senior vice president' and shouldn't be waiting for a laptop........ He gets a new one on Wednesday. Good for him!

The boys went to school and Smallest and Moo won two of the raffles they accidentally entered. Before we left for the concert on Friday, we gave Moo $20 to buy tickets. These tickets enabled Smallest to take part in any games, buy food etc. Anyway when they arrived they bought $20 worth of raffle tickets by mistake HA! Well they won a pair of headphones which Smallest thinks are the coolest ever and some plant feeder (which is just what I needed).

Moo and I had breakfast and watched a snippet of TV before doing some washing, making a bed, and cleaning a bathroom. Then we headed out for a morning of shopping. Our intention was to visit a sewing shop to get some fusible fleece for the inside of our bags we were going to make and then head on over to the Mall where we were going to kit out Small for the Summer. However in reality, we drove miles and miles away to get to FabricLand where we did purchase our fleece but then our plan went sadly wrong. The car wouldn't start as the battery was completely dead. I called Huffle, I called the CAA (like the AA but in Canada) and when they asked me where I was I completely foxed. I knew we were in Oshawa but they wanted the closest intersection. Well I don't know! I have only been living here for four and a half years. I have only just learnt what an intersection (junction) is. I realised the address was on the receipt we had for the fleece and gave that instead plus the shop we were sat in front of.

While we sat and waited for the CAA, with the bonnet up just to show we had looked at the engine!, one woman came and talked to Moo about nests in engines and braiding for her trousers and remarked that Moo sounded like she had 'just got off the boat'. Well here in Canada that means 'someone who is new in town, or in the country' obviously because she had an English accent with no Canadian inflections at all. Moo took this statement to be rude and said "No, we're from Claremont" as if that would tell the lady that we were posh, not an illegal immigrant and definitely just sailed here from who knows where. That's funny, bless her.

Anyway, the CAA lady on the phone was lovely and said she hoped the rest of my day was better and that someone would be with me within the hour. In fact we only waited half an hour for him to arrive, in the meantime I got us a coffee from Subway from a woman who was new there and didn't know how to serve coffee. In actual fact it was serve your own from a Keurig Machine. That's fine, I have used one many times, however, it had run out of water and lids and meant that a big woman from the back who didn't speak, just nudged me, had to come and fill it and find lids. During this time, Moo was disgusted at the complete lack of help she was getting standing in the middle of a car park by herself with the bonnet of the car up, obviously with a broken car. Not one person (apart from the boat lady) spoke to her or acknowledged her. She says that wouldn't happen at home! I blame the media making everyone paranoid about stopping for people and giving help in case you get robbed or worse!

Eventually Steve the CAA man arrived and gave my battery the last rights. I purchased a new one (which unfortunately was the only one NOT on his van and had to call another man out to bring one). He said it would take around twenty minutes so we left him to it and went in search of food. The place we broke down in had a FabricLand, a FoodLand (supermarket), a Subway, and a Spa place. Our lunch consisted of a baguette with cream cheese that we spread with the the lid and a packet of veggie Crisps. There was nowhere to eat as we couldn't sit in the car because the car was hooked up to a computer and there were no seats or nice looking bits of grass, so we just wandered around eating while we walked. I ended up with a better battery with a warranty of three years plus it meant that my four calls I am allowed to the CAA was not used as batteries are exempt, if that makes sense (it does to me and if I read this back later it will remind me).

We never got to go to the Mall as we were due at Suffolks for a sewing afternoon. We had a cup of tea and cut out our material and did a bit of zip sewing but that was it as we had to be home in time for the boys with Huffle being in the office. We got home about three minutes before them. Both had their piano lessons and Moo and I made two risottos for dinner.

After dinner I sewed a bit more. Huffle, the boys and I played the Pokemon game and I am now the Pokemon Master.

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