Thursday, 9 June 2016

GO Diego Go!

Huffle slept well last night, so that's good. Smallest got up at the normal time but I still had to wake up Small. I was very tired and did not want to get up. Huffle worked from home for the morning, had lunch and went into the office for the afternoon. When he returned this evening, he found his new laptop wasn't working as was promised! He is still stressed.

The boys went to school - nothing to report from either of them. I left Moo this morning, watering and mowing while I went to the Royals and gardened. We weeded a couple of beds and then Moo joined us for coffee. We sat in the sunshine, chatting. It was lovely. The weather today has been very windy with bursts of hot sunshine. Moo deadheaded all of MrsRoyals containers while I finished my weeding.

Mrs Royal's garden is next to the silo field.

Moo and I had lunch and watched a Love it or !ist it (C4) and I popped to the supermarket to pick up some cake cases for birthday muffins I needed to make. I also picked up sandals and a couple of tops for me (well you have to don't you?). Back home Moo had bashed up the werthers for the muffins and we started making them. They are gorgeous. Werthers, Cream, Dark Sugar, yum yum, extremely decadent. I will be delivering them tomorrow to Suffolk for her sons 14th birthday.

We made burgers for dinner. Turkey for the boys and bean, beet and cumin for the girls. We had them with our air fry chips. After dinner we all went to Smallest's first away football game in Unionville.

It was a very good game, very exciting even though we lost 9-5 (we think). Smallest played very well and got a goal assist. He was very happy and it was a good goal too. As the sun went down, it got quite cool but it was a nice evening with our blankets. Huffle got to speak with CoachOL who ironed out a few problems regarding the Summer Camp which Smallest has now been invited to attend, despite the fact we are on holiday!

I have a very sore throat and I don't think it has anything to do with spice. I'm guessing it's that naughty Moo and her English germs!


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