Friday, 17 June 2016

Were you in Mary Poppins?

It's Friday! It's Friday, It's almost the weekend!

Boys went to school and participated in the Jump Rope for Heart but it was too hot and they didn't enjoy it. It WAS very hot today with temperatures in the late 20's maybe touching 30* later. Huffle worked in the basement and managed to cut the grass and got some insightful comments from DonNoQuotey "hey Huffle, you don't want to cut that too short!" WHY WILL IT DIE? "Yes" GOOD, THEN I WONT HAVE TO MOW IT HA! Maybe he should listen to his own advice as his grass is brown and dead! Huffle also tidies the barn (you would be proud Grandad though he is not as 'OCD' as you and there were no gloves paired up in a row).

Moo and I watched a bit of Graham Norton with our breakfast and then went to knitting. We didn't have the company of TheEnglishRose today as she had an appointment. Today in the shop there was a huge sale of everything including all the samples that had been knitted. Moo and I bought a cushion, two scarves, a hat and a cardi. I also bought some wool to knit a cardi and some sock wool. YIPEEEEE! When Huffle saw my purchases he stole them to give me for Christmas BOOOOOOO!

We had a lovely lunch out and while we were in the cafe I noticed a young man who looked very familiar. WERE YOU IN MARY POPPINS I asked him (what a stalker!). He was, he played Bert and his friend was also in it. I told them both they were very good.

On the way home we popped into a couple of shops to take some stuff back and to buy some Fathers Day presents, tomato feed (because Monty will surely tell us tonight on Gardeners World that we must be feeding our tomatoes), a couple of beach chairs and some plant supports. We also picked up some new PJ's for Small as his are rather tight!

Back home we rested on the Porch in the heat of the day, crosswording and knitting and waiting for the kids to arrive. Small was only home half an hour before he was whisked off for a weekend of camping with the unofficial Scouts to Bon Echo (about two hours drive away in the middle of nowhere). He was excited about the camp but not so excited about a couple of the campers (one of the leaders kids). I know they will have fun, swimming, canoeing and being silly. He is back Sunday early evening. Smallest relaxed with his tablet. He is very tired after yesterday's game and today's heat! Later he came onto the porch with Moo and I and we played scrabble. We didn't finish it so we left it for tomorrow.

MrFox caught a chipmunk and later Moo saw him with a Black Squirrel - she want very pleased

Moo and I made dinner and Huffle went off to his football where he was missing Small, Al and his assistant coach (all camping).

Watering and feeding was all done. We have tomatoes growing on Smallest's first plant, the other two will be later. There are mini courgettes forming and flowers on the broad beans. I was hoping all veggies would wait until after our holiday but they obviously have other ideas.

Smallest was watering a bug off the cabbages




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