Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Sitting in a field without gates!

I had to wake the boys again. Obviously these late nights are not helping! Huffle stayed at home but was very busy. I did see him briefly for lunch and once when he popped his head out of the window while I was gardening. He also had a late call from the 'annoying man', pretty much the same time that dinner was ready!

The boys went to school. Small only had twelve in his class today due to Track and Field. He got to watch two films. Smallest has been asked to play piano for the teachers and volunteers at the Volunteers Tea this week. Unfortunately I forgot to reply so I won't be there!

Moo and I went into work and gardened all morning. Mainly MrsM talked to us about various plants but Moo worked hard taking out all rogue geraniums from the gardens. We all planted up the containers and I got to do some detective work with regards to a beeping in the house. At first we thought it was a smoke alarm but after I took the batteries out and it was still beeping, it was established it was the Carbon Monoxide alarm instead, complaining that it wasn't plugged in! We moved lots of pots and weeded too. At coffee time we had a gorgeous Chocolate Brownie with a Rhubarb Swirl Cheesecake topping. We also came home with a Cockatoo plant and two blue tomato plants for the boys, marigold plants, lettuce seedlings, cut Rosemary, a gorgeous salvia, a new petunia, a hardy begonia and some nasturtiums. Bumper crop today.

At home we had lunch with Huffle and watched part of an episode of First Dates. So funny! This afternoon we planted all the freebies we got, did some washing and made dinner. We attempted to go out for a walk but I have a huge blister from walking in my trainers without socks yesterday OUCH!

After dinner, Moo, Huffle and Smallest went to football training where it was extremely windy and really cold. Smallest said he got a yellow card today but it turned out a yellow card was given to the player who dived when Smallest tackled him. Small and I went to the tennis courts and played for an hour. It was a lot of fun and we made up a few new versions of tennis. On the way home I showed Small how to drive. He said he knew most of it but didn't know how to indicate. I said he would fit in really well with the rest of the drivers here!

Some beauties in our garden

When we got home he played on his tablet and watched TV while I cleaned the kitchen, emptied and filled the dishwasher, cleaned a couple of windows and watered the garden.

I'm so excited


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