Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Happy Hump Day

Huffle did not sleep last night. He is quite stressed and has an awful lot of work to do. This morning he was called in to the office at 8:30am which meant a 7am start. He had a meeting with MrAnnoying and others and then a training session which was cancelled but on the bright side he got his fixed laptop back, he does have to go back in tomorrow though for his training course. Huffle woke me this morning and once again I woke the boys up. Poor things are so tired.

Moo and I went to aerobics first thing and did lots of squats (I can already feel the effects). After an hour of bending, stretching, cardio, weights and weird plank exercises, we ridiculously decided to go for a huge walk. We started on the train tracks and walked along them for ages and then walked through some lovely countryside, past cows, up huge hills, down little hills, up more hills, past more cows and a couple of lovely houses and finally on to the main road and back through our Hamlet. We walked for 1.5 hours. It was fabulous but exhausting, especially after an hour of aerobics.

The roads went on and on and on for miles
It quite reminded me of home (UK home)

We had showers and then lunch while we watched half of In The Club (BBC) before heading out to shop for a few essentials, stuff for the kids to give to the SpringFest auction baskets (where I bought a table tennis bat for $7 but was charged $17, the robbin' gits), material for Moo to make a little bag with Suffolk and I, some wool to carry on my Scanket (scarf blanket). We tried to buy a clock but we didn't manage it. Because of the trouble with the table tennis bat, we were late getting back and just got home before the boys came home.

Moo and I made dinner. Tonight we had Leek and Cheese Sausages with a Sweet Chilli Relish. This evening Small and Huffle went to football where they won 10-4. It was the 'balancing' of the team tonight and Huffle had to give away two of his team. One he really didn't want to let go but he had no choice really, the other wanted to go to be with his friends. In exchange he got the FrenchTwins who he coaches by himself outside of the club.

Moo, Smallest and I stayed at home. Moo and I spent most of the evening sewing on badges for swimming, scouts and cubs and then watched the other half of In The Club. Smallest watched TV and chilled and then we helped him put his Panini Football stickers in his album before bed.


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