Thursday, 16 June 2016

Show us your bag Frank

Huffles laptop is working - HURRAH, happy man. The boys went to school. The temperature started out at a mere 17* and was a hot 31* by 6:30pm.

The England game started at 9am here so we put it on the big TV and Huffle set up his laptop in front of it and Moo flit between the TV and the washing line until I called her round to the Royals for coffee. My phone updated me on the England game and I was very happy when Vardy scored. I did a secret dance as MrRoyal didn't want to know the score as he was watching it later.

I caught the beginning of the game and then went off to The Royals to garden for a couple of hours. It was lovely working in the shade but got warmer and more stickier as the time went on. We weeded a bed ready for the Dahlias to be planted, called Moo round for coffee and sat in the shade drinking and eating my banana bread before getting back to some weeding. Moo stayed and did some deadheading. I came home with a Tradescantia, a Pinky Cornflower and a Pink Persicaria. MrsRoyal walked back with us to look at some plants and I planted our new things, watered and then went in for lunch.

Today I learnt that this is called a Nectaroscordum

Moo, Huffle and I watched a First Dates (C4) while eating and then when Huffle went back to work, we got our sewing out and Moo finished her bag. It is fabulous and she is very happy with it. She did a good job. While she sorted the washing line, I sewed mine up. Mine was done much quicker because I didn't have to read the pattern or try and figure out what to do. Mine possibly isn't as neat as Moo's but I too am happy and proud. We also found out later that Suffolk finished hers today too.

I helped Small pack his rucksack for camp tomorrow evening while Moo got dinner sorted. After dinner we all went to football. Today was a game that started at 7pm but we were asked to turn up an hour before. We were expecting talks, shananigans etc but in reality the boys practised in the searing heat for 45 minutes and completely wore themselves out. Then the game began. MrBean was refereeing today. Thinner than our Coach with long dangly arms. Our team played well but did lose 2-0, both goals scored while Smallest was off the pitch (ummmmmmm). He got hurt today when someone stamped on him, there is a bruise. Of course the 'magic water' was applied so it WILL be okay. When I tried to check on him during the game, I was pretty much shoo'd away.



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