Saturday, 8 April 2017

A badge, a trophy and a rocket congrats

An early start this morning in order to get Smallest to his KubKar finals. Grandad and I took him and managed his expectations on the way. We had no doubts that he would 'place' today but he wasn't last. Mainly he came third or fourth in many six car races. The place was full of geeky, long haired cub types which made for interesting people watching if nothing else. Small's friend and sister raced with us and they did much better. Huffle and Grandma joined us a bit later and we ended staying until 11am (we had to be there to register at 9am!). Smallest got a badge and we were able to leave.

At home, the boys all got to watch the second half of the Stoke match and we got a cup of tea and a slice of cake for elevenses. Midday we had to go back to register Small's 18 wheeler for his 1pm race until we realised it was 1pm registering and 2pm racing so we went home for lunch and back again. This racing thing takes up a whole day as there is no way you can do anything before or in between!

Once we had registered for Small's race, voted for the ones entered for design and played a few games of Top Trumps, we began the races. This time it was proper racing against the fastest of the fast. Small actually came in third overall and he was very pleased. He would have liked to beat the boy/girl but I think he was happy with his trophy in the end. We finally left around 3pm and came home for a relax, mess and play.

This evening we went out for a lovely meal. Later at home we watched Saturday Night Takeaway and Gardeners World.

Tonight's moon via Huffle's photo through his telescope. Nice



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