Saturday, 22 April 2017

The fox weed on my football*

A nice lie-in and a dream from me about Uncle Tuc and YoungTom playing in an indoor water park that was somehow attached to the sea. It was a great place though it made no real sense. I also bumped into MrsRumbleskins who was drawing really quickly while we were in a waiting room. She drew some fabulous pictures in no time at all. It was nice to see them all. Shame it wasn't real.

We all had breakfast and the all the boys watched the Stoke game while I pottered around, tidying the kitchen, sorting clothes and attempting to sew (I had the wrong thread so abondoned it).

At midday, Huffle and I left the boys playing Pokemon battle and gadgeting and went out to get some plants in the Spring sale, pick up an allergy prescription for Smallest, get the kids their school Springfest basket gift and some thread. We did really well and got home about 90 minutes later. The boys were fine and had a good time playing and not arguing. We went out for calzone mid afternoon ad played a game of Top Trumps whilst there. Dinner was lovely as usual and as the weather was equally lovely, we decided to have a quick walk by the lake. Small wasn't too keen but we promised him it would be a very short walk due to the fact that I didn't have sufficient shoes.

Next to the lake there were swarms of tiny annoying flies that you just couldn't get away from so our walk was cut even shorter than originally anticipated. We got to walk along the beach a bit though and find some interesting bits of wood.

Bit big but would lovely in our garden

On the way home we popped to the supermarket for some essentials and ice cream bars which we ate on the porch when we got home. What a super day. There are so many daffodils out at the moment and our urns on the porch are looking spectacular.

Beautiful Scilla that Grandad procured for us
Spring urns

All the boys played football together while I enjoyed the peace and quiet and had a visit from MissMoll, LittleFin and ClownRose. LittleFin now talks about us all constantly and can say Huffle's name. He still calls Small and Smallest Addie which is funny as he mixes up both their names into one. *MissMoll came over to tell us the fox had wee'd on her new football that we bought her for her birthday. She was quite upset about it but I told her it made it even more special. We saw the fox go past not long after. It looked quite pleased with itself.

This evening Huffle and I went out again by ourselves for an evening of Jazz at the local church. So nice and close but still the first time we have left the kids in the evening. We asked them if they wanted a babysitter but they said no. I asked them if they wanted to have joint responsibility but Smallest asked that Small be in charge. Small was happy with that and spent the day telling Smallest that he would have to go to bed earlier every time he said or did something he wasn't happy with. They are a funny pair. I also let ClownRose know they were home alone and gave Small her phone number just in case. When we got home at 10:30, they were both fast asleep. I'm sure we will hear all about it tomorrow. I'm pleased they didn't need to call us or ClownRose and I'm pleased they got to sleep. I'm very panicky when I'm in the house by myself and I wouldn't be able to sleep or do much at all. Glad they don't have my silliness.

The Jazz was fabulous. It was the Mike Murley Trio who we saw last year but this time there was a special guest Guido Basso. Apparently some huge Montreal star. He played the trumpet and was really good. The whole group was good but he was just something else. They have all played together and toured 20 years ago in Mexico. We walked down there and had a glass of wine each, Veggie crisps and mini eggs stashed in my bag. We also walked home unlike half of the village that had been drinking but still drove. Naughty!!!! Great evening. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice to spend an evening with my Huffle too.

When we came home we checked on the sleeping kids, had some toast and tea and watched The Blue Jays.


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