Monday, 3 April 2017

Pardon my Candor

What a busy day!

The boys went off to school. Smallest had his audition for the Talent Show and apparently did very well (so says MrsPiano and Smallest was happy with his performance too). I left Huffle working and the 'olds' having breakfast and went off to crochet. Just three of us today and we did baskets. It started as one type and quickly turned into another. I taught them handles and finishing. We had a laugh and a good session.

When I got home Grandma had made rock cakes which were lovely. I went to my exercise class (just me and my personal trainer). We worked hard and sweated hard. I needed it because I felt stressed out today.

Back home we had two visitors from Florida join us. MrGator and TrulyScrumptious had popped over for the weekend taking in Niagara (for a bit of nudey photography over the falls) and had come for a quick visit. We managed a cup of tea and chat before I had to ship them into the Sun Room with Grandma and Grandad. This afternoon I was looking after LittleFin and MissMoll and I didn't want to freak out the little man as he is only 18months old and still not 100% used to being here. Today he met Huffle who he backed away from a few times before they became friends. He liked Grandad and gave him the heat mats he likes to take out of the drawers. He met everyone else and eventually went out and played football with them when we picked up MissMoll from the bus and the boys joined us.

He had a fabulous time and did lots of laughing, especially when he discovered the slide. MissMoll loved the swing despite her silly wonkyness on it. All in all it was a very successful afternoon and their Dad picked them up at 5pm. It was exhausting as that little boy does not ever stop. Luckily Grandad and MrGator stood guard at the stairs, Grandma made the dinner and the boys were excellent as usual in their help both inside and out.

Dinner was a rushed affair as Huffle and I had to take the boys to Scuba Diving. We left MrGator and TrulyScrumptious with Grandma and Grandad. It was lovely to see them but a shame we weren't able to spend more time with them. It certainly didn't feel like we hadn't seen them for years. Hopefully it won't be so long before our next meeting.

The Scuba Diving was supposed to be two different sessions but the Cubs allowed Small to dive with them instead of an hour later and prevented us sitting in a sweltering hot room for two hours. Both boys did really well, in fact all the kids did. They really enjoyed it and were Diving, going through hoops, playing underwater frisbee and rocket throwing.

Huffle's new buddy

Back home we found that our main shower has broken again and MrBasement has to come tomorrow to fix it.



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