Friday, 14 April 2017


It has been a lovely day. The sun has shone all day and all of us worked very hard. The boys worked extremely hard, wheelbarrowing woodchips, fetching stones, collecting spades and rakes and pots. Everyone worked very well together. Grandma cleaned the sun room windows and brought us refreshments mid morning and sat with us in the sunshine. We pretty much finished the path and added to the dry river bed that's now wet. We added a statue, pots and a chair near the house. It all looks fabulous.

We stopped late lunchtime and the boys got lunch things out for us. We decided to go out for the afternoon and drove to Port Perry for Gelato (Ginger. Blueberry Cheesecake. Purple Rain. Raspberry. Mango sorbet. Salted caramel. Lemon. Chocolate. Caramel Mocha Eater Egg). We had a sit in the park, a walk along the waters edge and a poddle around the shops. We bought a door knocker shaped like a Wellington boot for our front door. At one point Grandma, Huffle and I went into a shop that had three shops in one, hence three doors. We left Grandad with the the boys and went in door no1 but came out of door no3. They sat waiting at door no1 and we carried on walking down the street, to the car and couldn't find them. We thought they were hiding. Silly billies! Instead of leaving, because we weren't ready for dinner, we sat on a bench and watched the world go by and then played hide and seek, behind trees, cars and benches. When Grandad came looking for us, we ran around. Very funny.

Smallest found a plastic saw and tried to chop down a tree. He gave it to Grandad but they left it in a tree stump
Smallest find a plastic saw and tried to cut the tree down. He gave it to Grandad as a present but they left it in a tree stump.
I bribed them with extra Easter eggs to get good photos of them

Eventually we drove off to get dinner and had a nice one at a place we go to regularly. Very nice.

Our first daffodil out

This evening we sat and watched Gardeners World.



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