Sunday, 30 April 2017

Cake and a slice of tea

Huffle and Smallest got up early and went to a 9am football practice. It was held in the freezing cold fridge of a dome and Huffle forgot his coat. Brrrrrrrr. Small and I stayed at home and breakfasted, played on tablet and watched TV. The other two came back around 10:45am. Smallest has hurt his groin and so had a lovely soothing hot bath.

Small made a Lemon cake with icing and the rest of us pricked out seeds and planted some new ones. We made an awful mess on the kitchen table but Smallest hoovered up for us afterwards. There is plenty to get in the vegetable garden once they've grown a bit more.

It was a cold, miserable wet day today and after football we spent the rest of the day indoors. We had lunch. Smallest and I played many games of Guess Who and we all played an extended game of Carcassonne.

With Small's cake we watched Britains Got Talent before we then FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad. The boys played some piano and Smallest and I made meatballs for dinner.



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