Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A moustache, a slice of pizza and a beer

There was not enough time to sleep fully because we went to bed sooo late and got up sooo early. Grandma actually got up to do the lunches but didn't want to send the boys up to tell me in case it woke me.

Kids went to school and I went to my excercise class. ExerciseNic was a bit grumpy because she hadn't had her coffee and one of the ladies had a bad back so she revised her plan again and accommodated us. What a lovely lady. Not only that but later in the day I found a can of fruit flavoured beer at the front door. It was present from her. Awwwww. Grandad had seen her leave it but didn't know who she was. It was a complete mystery until I got a text from her.

During my class I told the ladies about the Dog Burning to gauge their reaction. Part of me thought that maybe they would say "oh yes we do that here all the time". They didn't say that. They were as shocked as I was and said it was illegal to bury pets unless you had 2acres or more, so to cremate a pet would be unacceptable, let alone what smell it would make! I also told them about the 'You Jew cinnamon' comment from the market. I think ExerciseNic gave me the beer to prove there were nice normal people here too.

I came home and picked up Grandma and off we went shopping for the rest of the morning and afternoon. We left Grandad building M4. He made a fabulous job and filled the part he had done with woodchips. It reminds me of an English Country Garden, which is just what we wanted.

Grandma and I went for a cup of tea/hot chocolate and a slice of cake before beginning our shopping. We then wandered around Chapters, Peir1, Winners and Homesense in about 2.5 hours. Then we needed feeding so we found a new cafe and had a bagel and a cup of tea. We bought lots of lovely goodies, some things we needed and some we didn't. One last shop and we came home.

Grandad was watching the Leicester game when we got back. Grandma made dinner and I helped. Today we had to get Smallest fed early and I took him to his football practice for 6pm. Tonight was in the dome and it was freezing in there. The Soccer Moms came and introduced themselves to me and invited me to sit and chat to them. That's nice. I can't remember any of their names but at least they tried to tell me. Smallest worked very hard and the two of us had a good conversation and laugh on the way home. He told me all about something they were doing at school where they had to choose a topic and discuss it. His was 'should you pay students for getting good marks'. His teacher said NO but I think he liked the ideas behind it.

Small was taken to basketball by Huffle and Grandad. He worked very hard too and ran like a lolloping gazelle in his new go faster trainers.


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