Sunday, 23 April 2017

Badminton, Bulbs and Bangers

The boys were happy about their evening in HomeAlone. Thy watched Britains Got Talent and then Smallest went to bed 8:30ish and Small went up to his room and watched tv until 10pm. We got home at 10:30pm and they were both fast asleep. They didn't mind being home at all. We paid Small for babysitting as Smallest asked that Small be in charge.

What a stunningly beautiful day. With temperatures in the sunroom hitting 30* before we even had breakfast. Outside the temperature was 21* with bright, hot sunshine all day.

Pancakes for breakfast, followed by sitting out on the patio finishing my coffee while Smallest attempted to find the badminton net and we dragged out the swingball set which Small filled with water to keep it stable. By the time he found the net, it was tied up in knots. Huffle and I managed to untangle it, put it up and then we all had a long doubles game. It was almost perfect as the wind was very slight but I do think we might need to invest in a new net. The boys continued with football while I planted my everbearing strawberry plants and chatted with J next door. Huffle joined me and the boys disappeared inside for some tablet time.

We planted some more plants that we bought yesterday and then came in for lunch which we ended up taking outside. I think our Winter has been too long and we spent as much time outside today as possible, mainly under the parasol but still nice to be outside.

More plants were planted, more football, a bit of basketball and then Smallest and Huffle went off to football practice and Small and I played Fish and StripJackNaked on the patio and BUMP Basketball which I started off easily winning but Small soon overtook me. We peeled potatoes for dinner and I sewed (machine sewed) a pocketrod on one of the blinds and sewed (seedy sewed) some spinach.

Huffle and Smallest had been shopping on the way home and got some wood for the blinds which the shop messed up by cutting wrong and also got some sausages for tea.

This evening we watched a bit of Harry Potter (no6 can't remember what it's called). Boys went to bed and Huffle and I watched The Durrell. Lovely Sunday night entertainment. Later we looked at bathrooms as we need to choose our floor, tiles, bath and taps plus a colour for the walls!


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