Saturday, 15 April 2017

Pardon my trowel

It rained all morning and some of the afternoon and looked very grey and dismal. The this afternoon the sun came out and it was really warm. Tomorrow we are supposed to have storms. It really has been a crazy Spring so far. Grandma and Grandad have seen every weather possible.

After a pancake breakfast we all went off to our respective football stands to watch our teams. The Stoke supporters (the rowdy ones) went up to the Upper Tier and ran down every now and then when their team scored (and yet were very quiet when they didn't). The Leicester fans sat in the main stand and cheered loudly to Upper Stand when their team scored. Both lots of supporters were happy with their respective scores.

Grandma and I helped Smallest with his Ancient Rome project which is to build a 3D model. We chose The Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Veritá). Him and Grandma built the beginnings of it last week and today we added lots of papier-mâché. It's looking good and just needs a good paint once it is perfectly dry. Grandma and I got all squished in the floury water but Smallest preferred to use a brush. Funny how he doesn't mind rolling in mud and leaves!!!

Because it was still raining, we decided to go out for dinner and look for a birthday present for Smallest. For dinner, we went to Joeys which is a nice place that we don't go to too often. The waitress asked if it was anyone's birthday and we said yes we were celebrating Smallest's, Grandma's and Grandads. I don't know why she asked because they didn't do anything. Good meal though.

We were next to the Mall and during dinner Smallest decided he wanted something for his garden. We visited Winners and Walmart and found nothing and then decided to drive to a bigger Walmart and a Canadian Tire. There he chose a funny king frog bird feeder. We also found some planters to replace our dilapidated urns on the porch and some compost. We let Grandad loose in The Tire and he picked up a phone holder thingy (he was very pleased with it) and some Swiss Cheese Files.

Naughty boys!

Back home we watched Britains Got Talent and decided it hasn't apart from the girl singing at the end. Huffle liked the Papier Mâché man becuase it reminded him of Reeves and Mortimer.

We ended the evening playing Crazy 8's until Smallest went to bed and then Ace 2 Ace with Small and then we carried on into the night.




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