Friday, 28 April 2017

Why do mosquitoes love me so?

It was a lovely warm sunny day today. Not too hot like yesterday, but nicely warm, like a good Spring day. The boys went to school. Smallest did shotput and managed an excellent 17 somethings. Metres? Feet? cm's? Who knows. He certainly didn't. Small almost came third in plastic javelin but we don't know what the distance was because only the best three were measured.

The garden is starting to bloom

Huffle worked in the loft and cut me a new piece of wood for my second blind (now just hold on, the next one may take me some time, hopefully not as long as the first one) and finished cutting the trees.

I went off to knitting and crocheted. In fact there were only three of us today and we were all crocheting. They have all got the bug now! Afterwards I drove to meet Suffolk who has now got herself a job. We had a very nice long slow lunch with an extra cup of tea. We haven't seen much of each other lately so it was nice to catch up. She is still going to teach me sewing but we have to find some time one afternoon. I also have to try and find some time to fit in weekly gardening for her and MrsRoyal.

The boys were let out of school early again and arrived home well before I did. They put their clothes away, played basketball and played on the computer and tablets. Huffle decided we were going out for dinner and we eventually decided to go to the nearby Italian. We haven't been there for a while.

We got dippy bread Grandma......

Smallest said something in Italian to our waiter who couldn't understand and had to admit he wasn't Italian. Tut tut! We all had lovely pasta meals.

Back home we all played on the trampoline. Not something you should do when you are full of pasta so we came in and watched the baseball.






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