Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Is that soup hot hot?

I did not want to wake up this morning and was just dreaming about nonsense when Smallest came in to get me up.

Today was rainy, dull, a bit sunshiney, but mainly dull and overcast. I went to aerobics and worked extremely hard. We started with doing ten of each exercise (planks, squats, push ups, mountain climber and many more) and then nine, then eight, right down to one. It sounds easy but it was hard and hot and sweaty. When I got back I had promised to take Grandma and Grandad out but I had to have a shower first.

We went to the charity shop which was rubbish and nothing at all to buy today. We continued to Winners where I bought a lovely little yellow teapot to go with the sugar bowl and milk jug Grandma bought us. (This morning I broke our beloved Brown Betty Teapot). We carried on to Walmart where I found a bigger brown teapot and bought that too plus a birthday present.

We decided to go out for lunch (Huffle was too busy to join us today) and went to a place we went to on their last visit where we had a not so good experience. We decided to give them a second chance. Wish we hadn't! Grandma wanted a soup and I asked if 'hot soup' meant spicy or just warm hot. She said it definitely wasn't spicy. When Grandma got it it WAS spicy and we told the waitress who argued with us saying it wasn't. They didn't take it off the bill so I filled in the comment form and said we weren't happy. I did give a tip but not much. Wish I hadn't bothered on Grandads behalf. We popped in to the local farmers bakery and picked up a treat each which we had at home with a cup of tea from the new pot.

Grandma, Grandad and I watched an episode of Broadchurch and watched the woodpecker feed from Smallest's new bird feeder. The boys came home, messed about with Grandad, played on their tablets and had dinner early. Tonight Smallest had to forgo his football so we could take Small to the High School for Bandstravaganza.

Bandstravaganza was excellent. I am so proud of my big Small who plays his huge Tuba so well and looks so handsome in his ironed white shirt (though wish he didn't wear white socks with his black shoes and black trousers). He was so well behaved, unlike others in the band and despite the Tuba being as big a him, I could hear him play and I know he works so hard. All the bands did well and they came together at the end and played three tunes as one whole band. Considering they only had one rehearsal today, they were excellent. I am equally proud of my small Smallest who was an excellent companion to me during the performance, he didn't run off with his friends and play tag as they were doing. He didn't need an iPad or phone to keep him amused and he sat and watched and listened to his brother play. They are both very special boys and I am a lucky Mum. Two people spoke to me about Smallest at the end, both with good comments. Nice. Well done boys.

Huffle drove Grandma and Grandad to the airport for their 9:50pm flight.

Bye bye Grandma and Grandad. (Grandma informed me today that when they come back it will be less than six months. Phew, really? That quickly? Have we got time to recover?

Wishing you a safe flight. Let us know when you are home. X




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