Thursday, 13 April 2017

Weed matting is the new Ponderosa

At 7am I had to get up to close the window as MrWoodyWoodpecker was knock knock knocking on the tree outside our bedroom. I managed to sleep for the next 30 minutes but did have a dream about Huffle buying us a new house (in England) with so many bathrooms and baths all in a row. The pizza man came and Huffle asked him to deliver it upstairs as he couldn't be bothered to walk down to fetch it. The bed had bed bugs in it. Yuk!

The boys had a fight whilst waiting for the bus. Grandad carried on working on the M4 (looking fabulous, the path not Grandad) and Huffle worked on his laptop on the patio whilst also sowing seeds. Grandma was found face timing Madame Courvoissier though the sound was bad! I supervised proceedings in the garden whilst waiting for a call from Suffolk. Mid morning I went to Suffolks and had a cup of tea. I then went with her to the docs and then we went out for lunch.

Huffle was Grandads apprentice in his breaks
Grandads M4

I came home mid afternoon and Grandma and I went food shopping. Today's thought for the day: never take Grandma shopping when she is hungry. We bought far too much and a man stopped us and told us that there were much cheaper shops than the one we were in. He had funny white hair and dark black eyebrows. We think he was trying to be helpful but Grandma thought he thought we were rednecks with a big family and needed to save money!

We came home and the boys were sent out to help bring the shopping in and put it away. They were so pleased. They are now on holiday until Tuesday for Easter and so is Huffle.

Grandad has found a punchy place to dispose of his weeds. He has worked very hard today and made a lovely job of the side M4. Grandma made Pork Apple Sage Patties because we couldn't find any sausages today.

After dinner we all played Newmarket. Huffle won and Smallest cheated. It was funny. This is the boys favourite card game at the moment.



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