Monday, 10 April 2017

Tomato sock

I didn't sleep well which meant I dreamt all night. Lots of silly little dreams. Very annoying though I don't remember any of them now! This morning the boys went off to school, Smallest armed with his basketball kit ready for the later tournament. It was a lovely bright summery spring day, quite warm.

I left Grandad putting up the new piece of wood on the sun room and painting it and Huffle and him adding woodchips to the veggie paths, while I drove to Mims house to give a crochet lesson. Today it was me, Miche and Mim. Miche worked on her basket while Mim and I looked at different ways to create a placemat and edging.

I came home not feeling too well. Headachey and hot, but went off to my exercise class anyway. ExerciseNic was very good and took it very easy on me. We had a severe weather warning and then we realised why I felt so bad. There was a huge storm on the way meaning the pressure was high which always gives me a headache. We had a lovely session and I came home for my shower.

Mid afternoon, Grandad and I went to the school to pick up Smallest and trying to avoid the rain. It hammered it down, then came the thunder and then the lightning. The winds were supposed to be 80 kmph but I think we avoided that. I got soaked running from the school to the car. I took Smallest and two other boys to a different school where they were taking part in a basketball and Grandad and I sat and watched. Smallest never got to play at all. The teacher made a decision not to cut any players for this team which meant that there were several younger players. Today he decided not to play the four younger ones. Considering that three of the non played boys' mums were there transporting other peoples kids that were playing, it was a poor show. At the end Grandad questioned the teacher and asked him if he was playing a competitive game only. He tried to get away without talking to us but did stop and say it depended on the game which said nothing really. Another dad questioned him about his son not playing and it turned into a shouting match which had to be taken outside. Grandad and I left them to it though we were still annoyed. Smallest was upset because he was told he was on the team and had subsequently missed his piano lesson. Not good.

I was responsible for taking the other two boys back to school for 5pm but as the game hadn't finished until after 5pm we didn't get back until 5:40pm. So if you know your child is returning back to school for 5pm, wouldn't you be there waiting for them? Well they weren't there! One of the kids called his mum who was apparently minutes away (errr you're 40 minutes late!) and the other couldn't get through to theirs. We had to wait for the mum to turn up and then I took the other one home because he lives very close to us. If I was their mum I would be embarrassed.

Back home Grandma had dinner ready and Small had finished his piano lesson. After dinner, Smallest went to the forest for a night hike where they found frogs in the pond and had a fire. He smelled bad when he got back.

Small's homework was to make a meal, write up the recipe and make a video, the likes of which are posted on Facebook all the time. It took us all evening but we got there in the end. He made a Carrot, Lentil and Tomato Soup with a melted cheese Ciabatta. He had to use all the food groups including dairy. It tasted delicious and will now be tomorrow's dinner. The video is excellent too. During the process, my sock got covered in tomato, the cupboard door got splattered and Small's Tablet got hot water poured on it. Whoops!


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