Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Lost Baggage

It was a beautiful day today. Lovely and warm and bulbs shooting all over the garden. Can't believe we're supposed to have snow on Friday. The boys went off to school and I left everyone else and went to aerobics. Ouch she does work us. One of my wrists cracked the loudest noise a bone should never make but it appears to be okay. Grandad made a list and measured and added and worked out what he needed and when I got home I took him to The Tire for a wander round before he went to Home Depot for his list. Grandma and I went to Costco for some shopping. We had a full shopping trolley today but at least we can eat now. We agreed to meet Grandad at a certain time and we had done so well so quickly that we allowed ourselves a quick shop in Homesense where I purchased a candle, a sieve and a Christmas present (it may be my first this year). We went to collect Grandad but he was nowhere to be seen so I left Grandma in the car (with the window open a tiny bit) parked in the Parents with Older Parents spot and looked for Grandad. One of the staff asked me if they could help and I said I was looking for a person who was shopping there. I said they were due back at the nursing home and probably dribbling over the Dremill Drills!

I found him, we paid, left a bag of paid items in there, ran back and got them and when we got home one thing was missing. We looked everywhere and realised Huffle had snaffled it and was already fitting it without telling us! We had lunch and FaceTimed Moo.

Grandma and I went off to another supermarket to pick up the things we couldn't get from Costco. While we were on there, I lost her and one of the staff asked if I needed help. I told them I had lost my trolley pusher and they asked if I wanted a tannoy put out. I found her before we had to do that. We paid, filled the car and came home for a cup of tea. While we were out I got a call from Huffle to say the new shower was leaking, all damage cleared and the water had been turned off. I called MrBasement and he went straight over to mend it. Grandma made him a cup of tea.

We made dinner, the shower got fixed and Huffle, Grandad and Smallest went off to Football practice. Grandma, Small and I had a bit of time to relax before going off to basketball practice. He missed last week due to G&G arriving and us being at Football. He was a bit apprehensive of who was taking the class and who would be with him. None of the Dufi were there from last year. All new people but the same coach. Not the best coach we have had but he certainly worked them hard tonight. Small really enjoyed it and Grandma and I enjoyed watching him.

Grandad showed me his hard work in the barn. Please note the sledge on top of the cupboard!


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