Tuesday, 11 April 2017

We're living in a soap opera!

Last night it was so warm we had to open the windows. Of course Otto had to be having a fire didn't he? And not just a small one but an all nighter! It absolutely stunk and came in to our room and then we couldn't sleep because of the awful smell. I was grumpy when I woke up and asked Huffle to speak to him because it was unacceptable! A fire on the hottest day of the year so far. More on that later - unbelievable!

Small managed to take all his homework data with him to school but not before he helped to clear the huge mess he had made in the kitchen. I went to work leaving Grandad adding more woodchips and making the path of the veg beds longer. Grandma was kept busy hoovering floors.

I went to work and spent half of my time repotting cannas and coleus and after coffee break (Shortbread pineapple coconut cream cheese thing yum yum) we worked in the vegetable garden cleaning up the beds, chopping sticks for the dry hedge and moving snowdrops. I also brought home a hat full of snowdrops for our garden which I planted when I got home.

Lovely Iris Reticulatas that I planted in the Autumn. Must get some for our garden. Just lovely.

We had lunch and Grandad and I went back out to the garden, where I moved the strawberries to one of the vegetable beds and then cleaned up all but two of the rest of the beds. The woodchips are now so high that they are not raised anymore which certainly makes it harder work, still, they will be there for ages and take forever to mulch down which is excellent. Grandad pruned the apple tree and secured the raspberries after the winter and our Football ruined his autumn staking. I FaceTimed Moo and showed her around the garden before helping Grandad with our new path which he calls M4. We are taking up the path I started last year and putting up a wall for the woodchips to sit in. We abandoned the work as rain was starting, it came down really heavy and then just disappeared. Just before we went in I saw Otto approaching so I decided to speak to him about the fire and the smell. I told him the fire was going all night and that the smell was so bad we couldn't sleep. I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WERE BURNING BUT IT WAS BAD! He said his dog had died and thats why it was burning all night. At first I thought he meant that he was having a fire as a memorial to him but then he told me he was cremating him. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. He said he was sorry and it wouldn't happen again. I didn't even say sorry (and I am because it was a poor old thing with a limp and half bark). Is that even legal? Honestly, he is weird! And to think I was trying to sleep in burnt dog smell. Eeuuuggghhhhhh. Well that shut me up anyway. I sidled away and went inside to tell Huffle and Grandma. She thought she was going to be sick and Huffle was stunned. Grandad is still laughing! It's not funny!!

Veggie beds all woodchipped and dig over (except for two)
New woodchip path alongside the barn

The boys came home and Huffle and I went out for the evening by ourselves. Wahooooo. Huffle booked us a table at a nice restaurant and got us tickets for the opening home game of the Blue Jays. It was a really warm evening and we drove to the train station and got the train into Toronto. Our dinner was in a place we went to recently with the kids. This time we had an evening table and it was really busy and really noisy. Huffle's food was as good as it was before but mine was a bit meh! I did however have a pint of Moretti which certainly helped. We didn't have a dessert as we had ideas that we would find an ice cream place and walk to the Blue Jays with it. We did find a place but it was soft ice cream and we are not fans as it's not real and we are such connoisseurs now of the real thing that we decided to give it a miss. (Wink). Shame as we didn't find anything else either.

In the stadium we were handed our complimentary rally towel which was a beautiful shade of dirty grey. Might be good for polishing the granite if the boys don't want it. Huffle and I fought with our respective rally towels throughout the game. The game was very long and went on until past 11pm when I was promised we would be home. In fact we didn't get home until past 12:45. The Blue Jays lost 4-3 and a few times I got bored. Some bits were interesting. I sat next to a man (fairly young) who chewed tobacco and spat it into a cup. Disgusting. Made me feel sick and had to hide my eyes from it. Behind us we had a very noisy screechy girl who never shut up and talked constant rubbish all the way through. On the plus side we had seats in the 200's which is very rare. Normally we are high up in the 500's. Not sure how Huffle managed it but it was a great view. Lovely night out with my Huffle though we are very tired and I haven't had a cup of tea all day!

Still can't believe that Otto put his dog on the fire!!!!! I hope I don't dream about it and that the smell has finally left our bedroom! (Shiver).



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