Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Buttery Flour shower

In order to get up in plenty of time for MrBasement, Huffle set his alarm for me to wake at 7am. Little did I know until I got downstairs that his clock was fast by quarter of an hour. How pleased was I to be downstairs at 6:45am?!! !!!!!! I was up before Smallest which is unheard of.

MrBasement came around 7:30am, about the same time that Huffle got up, that's annoying! I think that MrBasment thought it was going to be a very quick job but on his sixth time of running down to the basement and up to the bathroom, he soon roped Huffle in with my phone to turn off the water and back on again. Origainlly we thought it was the cartridge but it turned out to be a damaged or clogged valve. We had to buy a new shower which is not so bad seeing as we are going to have a new bathroom soon anyway. At least we have cold water in the bathroom now.

I went off to work and planted up hundreds of Canna's. It was Jeff's birthday so we had Chocolate Orange cake with candles and sang to him. Grandad tidied, swept and reorganised the barn. Yesterday he fixed the drainpipe and today's inspection deemed it working perfectly. The guttering bracket he also fixed yesterday is working well too. The pantry has been measured for new shelving. Grandma's plan was to have an early shower but she couldn't because of the cold water situation so she swiffed instead. Once the shower had been sorted she cleaned the bath and sorted the laundry. Another productive morning.

We had lunch together and then I took Grandma and Grandad to the Mall. Grandad changed some money while Grandma and I went to Sears to get money back for Smallest's clock. They wouldn't give me money back as it was past 30 days. Grandma used the 'that wouldn't happen in England' card and the Manager came and rescued us by giving us another clock worth more with a one year guarantee. Hopefully this one will be better. I bought myself some flowers from Huffle because I know he appreciates me so much and would want me to have them. In the Garden Centre on the way home Grandad bought us some mini daffs, hyacinths and violas for our urns outside. That'll make it look like Spring. Talking of Spring, it rained all day today torrentially and we have snow coming on Friday (grumpy face).

Grandma and I made dinner and the boys and Grandad watched the Stoke match - shame they lost and Leicester won (Smug face).


Grandad has broken his phone so if you wanted to message him please use Facebook or email.


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