Monday, 17 April 2017

Last of the Summer Beer

It was a very cold start to the day but still Grandad sneaked out to put the corner brick in on the M4, add the concrete leaf to the 'dry river..........' and screwed in the mouth on the tree (it's upside down but we won't mention that!). I loaded my car with my Summer tyres and drove to the garage to get them changed over and get my oil changed. I walked home needing a hat and gloves. How silly that yesterday was so warm too! After breakfast Huffle loaded his tyres and also drove to the garage for his tyre change and then also walked home.

A field of blue scillas

Small did some homework on the computer, not something that needed to be done but something to get him ahead for school tomorrow. Smallest and I painted his 'Mouth of Truth' for his Ancient Rome project. It is looking very good. Then we played Mancala and taught Huffle how to play. The boys went on their tablets and Huffle and I helped Grandad with the 'dry river bed that's not dry anymore because it's wet' before dragging him back inside to play games with us all.

Smallest's version so far
The real one

We played Wizard (Small won easily) and Five Crowns (I was winning but we abondoned it due to lack of patience). Grandad sneaked out again to move some woodchips around the garden. Huffle and I walked to get our cars and walked a bit more when they weren't quite ready. Once we got them back we put our Snow Tyres back in the barn for next Winter and made a decision to go out for dinner.

Once we got everyone ready we went out for mod afternoon fish and Chips. The roads were horrendous. We have never seen so much traffic. At one point (I was following Huffle's car) there were two lanes that went into one and there were many cars trying to jib in. A huge lorry came to the side of Huffle's and my car and bullied his way in. Very dangerous. Lots of beeping and Huffle took his licence plate and reported him to the drivers company. I wonder if anything will come of that!

After dinner, we visited Quiche at his work. Grandad hasn't been in contact with him this visit due to his phone being broken. We stayed for a chat and a tour of his workshop and then went on and drove to the beach nearby. We had a blustery walk along the boardwalk to the lighthouse and then back again along the boardwalk, along the beach and to the park.

The boys had a silly old time on the park equipment while we sat and watched them (well they were out of sight but we knew they were there). Grandad filled his pockets with rocks we selected from the beach for the 'dry river bed that's not dry anymore because it's wet'. All blown away from the wind but with enough fresh air to make us happier, we came home.

Grandad placing his precious rocks

A cup of tea for the grown ups, showers for the boys and a game of Top Trumps by Grandad and Smallest. Then Grandad and I left everyone else at home while we went to the Garden Club for a talk on 'how to plant a spectacular fall garden' which was given by MrsM.

It was a fabulous talk and I took lots of notes of things to buy to make a really nice autumnal garden. When I showed MrsM and GrandsonD they said I should just dig them out of their garden. Oh okay then I'll see what I can find. We sampled some lemon cake, welsh cake and amazing raspberry, gooseberry and red currant jam. I shall have to make that one.



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