Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Hickerly pickerly

Everyday that we worked at the Nursery last year (and the year before) was bad weather. Mainly rainy but sometimes snowy. That just happened to fall on a Tuesday. So far it seems to be the same this year. Obviously we don't work there in the depths of winter. We normally start in February and work through to October. Once again, today, it rained all day. Jan and I worked in the vegetable garden planting peas, lettuce and violas. Huffle's favourite lettuce is called Flashy Troutback, a lovely tasty speckly lettuce. Jeff sewed extra seeds so Huffle could have some and today I got to bring some home for him, plus a few other varieties. We got soaked but it was good to be in the garden and planting lettuce made me feel that Summer was on its way.

Lovely hoots from the Nursery garden today
Flashy Troutback Lettuce

I had to get home earlier than normal so I could fit my lunch in with Huffle before I drove to school, picked up Smallest and two other boys and took them to their Basketball Tournament. They had two games and Smallest was played in the last five minutes of both games. Whether the teacher played him and the other younger ones to make a point, I don't know but Smallest was happy he had played. I'm not sure the other boys Mums were particularly happy with the amount of time their kids played though. They lost both games but certainly did not disgrace themselves! When we came out to collect the boys to take them back home or school, the teacher made a comment about me going in to speak to the Principal about parent responsibity. He took the kids back to school whose parents couldn't be contacted and I took the ones home that were to be dropped at home. At least my talk has had some impact.

Small came home (I had Smallest with me). Small and I made pizza for dinner. I make the pizza dough in the bread machine which I dropped on my foot. Luckily my foot wasn't damaged but I think I did damage the machine slightly. However, it made the dough okay. We ate pizza whilst watching Robot Wars.

We watched a bit more of Harry Potter but I kept falling asleep (I didn't sleep well last night) so we turned it off, messed about a bit and then the boys went to bed.

Huffle and I watched The Bake Off Creme de la Creme and were entertained by Bodgit Scarper and No Thumb. How did they get they even get through to the next round?



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