Thursday, 6 April 2017

Please speak it proper English

The boys missed their bus this morning and had to walk to school in the rain (their choice, I was happy to drive them).

Huffle was busy at work in the loft all day and Grandad built me a new shelf for herbs and spices in the pantry. When we got home I cold smell wet hamster but apparently it was the filler he had used and not them weeing on sawdust, thank goodness.

I decided to take Grandma to Michaels as it is not a shop she has been in before. I was quite excited to be able to spend a good amount of time in there without a time constraint or anything in particular to buy but unfortunately Grandma wasn't impressed and ended up being disappointed. I, however, bought a couple of paints for the kids and some wool. Before we got to Michaels we went into Winners which is Grandma's favourite shop here and she did buy some stuff. I lost her while I was buying my Easter Plate so I sat and Snapchatted instead and eventually she found me.

We had lunch in the Canadian Bagel Shop which made its own bagels and cream cheese. Very nice and quick and just what we needed. Next we went into the Mall and bought Small a piping set so he can make us some delicious biscuits. A cup and tea was had before we came home.

It has rained all day today. The boys weren't allowed out to play at recess which is ridiculous when you think about when they come from. Rain? So what! Never hurt no-one! Needless to say they were very silly when they came home. Grandad and I visited the Beer Store for essential provisions.

Grandma and I made dinner and afterwards we all played cards, but not before Small did his homework on crocodiles and Smallest and Grandad played table tennis and table football. Huffle won all the big coins playing Newmarket.


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