Thursday, 20 April 2017

Kettles day off

Grandma and Grandad arrived home safely. Neither slept on the plane though they had plenty of room.

The dishwasher was emptied this morning and sat all day until about 9pm before it went on again. Poor old thing. It had a nice rest after being on constantly for the last three weeks. The other implement that got a well needed rest today was the kettle.

I had a very busy day. I did four loads of washing and drying and folding. Suffolk came round early morning and we sat and measured and pinned and unpinned and measured and pinned and measured for about an hour and a half. She left me with instructions on what to do next for Blind No1 and rushed off to take Miss12 to an orthodontist appointment. Instead of settling down to sew, I drove to school to take the Tuba and music stand back for Small, not that he noticed it was there. It was pouring with rain when I arrived so didn't want to drag the Tuba in on its wheels, instead I carried it and it is really heavy! While I was at the school I popped in to see the Principal to talk to her about Parent Volunteer Drivers and other parents not being around to collect their kids. She was appalled and promised to do something about it, she also apologised about the basketball thing where Smallest didn't get to play. I was there for ages.

When I got back I pinned again and sewed the bottom and then pinned the top, added the Velcro, pinned that and sewed it to the top. This actually took me all day to do bearing in mind I didn't get back from school until 12 and Huffle and I had lunch at 1pm and I FaceTimed Moo and Suffolk. Anyway it is done now and I am happy. Huffle and I held it up to the window and it fits! Wahoooo. Suffolk is coming here tomorrow afternoon to help me pin the rod pockets so I can sew them at the weekend. Ummmmm that's what she thinks!

Before the boys came home I ran to the bus where it drops MissMoll off so I could deliver her birthday present. We bought her a pink football and a skipping rope so she can bring them over when I look after her and her brother. She was very pleased and gave Huffle and I a cup cake. The boys had theirs on the bus on the way home.

The boys did some piano practice, put their clothes away, helped with dinner (to be fair that was just Smallest who also painted the end of his mouth of truth) ad played on their tablets until dinner. Tonight dinner was Meatballs. They have missed it as we haven't had it since GG were here. Small said it was because we had Roast Dinner every night. That's a bit of an exaggeration but I guess as it's his least favourit meal, it seemed to him like we had it a lot.

Afer dinner all the boys played on the XBox and I crocheted and got my knitting stuff ready for tomorrow.

Huffle has been busy most of the day up in the loft working but he did carry my sewing machine up and down the stairs, put away the washing and help me check that the blind fit at the window.

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