Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Bloomin' Birch!

The Tree Pollen is so bad at the moment that even I suffered. Smallest's eyes weren't puffy this morning but mine were. Plus one of my eyes ran all day despite me having an antihistamine. Smallest says his weren't too bad today. I think the high Pollen is Birch and Ash. I still dosed him up this morning and when he came home from school I gave him more eye drops so he wouldn't suffer during football.

The boys went to school. Now that basketball is over, the Track and Field begins. Small practiced javelin but was told that because they don't use the real thing, they had to hold it differently. That makes no sense to me. At least practice it correctly in case they ever get to hold a proper javelin! No wonder Canada don't do so well in the Summer Olympics if that's what they are teaching their young hopefuls. Also the Track and Field is not being held on the school field this year because of the construction of the school and is being held on the local park. I had to sign forms for both boys to be able to walk from the school to the park (less than 1/2km away).

I left Huffle working and went off to aerobics where we did more weights, arm work and lots of legs and abs. Ouch!!!! When I got back Huffle had been cutting down trees between us and Otto. Otto just sat around in his stinky corner smoking more stinky stuff and Huffle took down all the tops off the trees. I had my shower and then we had lunch together.

This afternoon I went shopping for shorts for Small and food. All the shorts I bought him fit thank goodness. He is now in Men's Medium because of his humungus height! I also stopped at the wood place to see if I could get some pieces for the blinds. They didn't have exactly the right measurement but at least I know what they do have if I need to go back.

Washing was put on and dried, a bit of tidying up and then when the boys come home I made dinner. Smallesr cooked the chicken for me and I made a Macaroni Cheese. Smallest and Huffle went off to football practice and Small and I had an hour at home before we went to basketball.



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