Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tell me about your lazy Chips

Back to routine, up early, make lunches, speed boys up and get them out for the bus on time. I went to work and left everyone else at home. Huffle went back to work and Grandad worked in the garden, mainly on compost corner.

There was no list of what to do at work and all main people were absent so Jan and I manually cut down some huge grasses. Coffee break was some lovely chocolate Shortbread and the rest of our time we cleared the sedum from the car park and wandered. Next week we should be in the vegetable garden. I came home with some Spring flowering bulbs, lots of sedum and a tiny 'ickle tree. Huffle and I planted them up and we all had lunch.

Today I had a dentist appointment. Never been my favourite place but today all was well even though I had a small filling. It was at the front so the injection made my nose numb too. It was all over in 40 minutes though I went back to get some bits smoothed becuase they felt weird! I don't normally volunteer to go back in. Our dentist is very good and despite me having huge trouble in the UK with injections not working properly, he seems to get my mouth numb in no time, plus it wears off a lot quicker too. Must be different somehow. In the U.K. I used to get really weepy and tired afterwards but not here, just a little sore where they worked!

Back home Grandad was watching the Leicester game on the TV so I sat and watched with him with a cup of tea. Shame we lost. The boys came home, played basketball and football, did a chore and played on their tablets. Small says I'm so unfair to make him do chores after all the work he did over the Easter weekend. And I told him about all the things we have to do for him like driving him to various places, keeping him fed and watered and cosy and warm and housed. Poor teenager!

I helped Grandma with the end of the dinner where tonight she used up considerable amounts of the Easter Beef and made a pie. I had a mushroom one.

The boys played football and I fell over and hurt my knee. Smallest fell ver and hurt his ankle and play was suspended. TV! Bed.


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