Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Fox and the Limo

It was a boilingly hot and humid day today. By 6:30pm we had storms and lots of rain. It didn't cool it down much but the temperatures are supposed to be going down considerably over the next couple of days. Today it was like mid Summer which is crazy as it was snowing only two weeks ago!

The boys went to school. They didn't practice track and field today as scheduled.

I decided to stay in all day and concentrate on my blinds, or should I say blind. I just wanted to get one of them up and running. It took me all day (with breaks in between for lunch, FaceTiming Moo, cups of tea, watering the garden and a short walk) and part of the evening (with Huffle's help).

I hardly saw Huffle today. He had several really long calls and only popped down briefly in between them. He didn't sleep well last night due to a trapped nerve in his elbow (probably from chopping down tops of trees yesterday) so it was good for him to not be busy in the garden today. It is okay now.

Mid afternoon I walked with ClownRose and LittleFin. On the way home she popped to the Beer Store and I ran to get MissMoll off the bus. Unfortunately it came early again (why can't they tell us?). Luckily MissMolls Dad was there and the driver honked until he came out. He wasn't pleased as he was supposed to be working. ClownRose brought me a can of beer. Then the bus for next door's daughter came and Otto was nowhere to be seen. The driver wouldn't let her off the bus with me (which I suppose it good) so I ran to his house, put my beer down first, much to the amusement of a passer by, and knocked on his door. When he came out he smelled so bad of BO and weed. Dirty bugger!

This afternoon I had a visit from next door (other side) to tell me that our resident fox had probably got Mange and to be careful in case it had scabies as it might bite the kids! She said it had been feeding in her garden and hiding food and that it was in our garden the other night. Much later we were watching First Dates and one of the waiters mentioned a fox with mange and they fed it Jamsandwiches and their fur came back really nicely. Huffle said I was not to feed our fox with our organic homemade strawberry jam! Also this afternoon a Stretch Limo stopped outside our house and picked up some saucepans left out by Otto. Not the kind of car I would expect to see picking up other people's junk! Takes all sorts.

After dinner, We all sat on the porch in sunshine before the storm came. Smallest and Huffle played FIFA. Huffle and I finished putting the blinds up.

Smallest's eyes have been really bad today. Mine haven't. We ar obviously allergic to different pollens. This evening he sat with a warm wet flannel over his eyes to soothe them. They are a little bit gunky. Hoping he doesn't get conjunctivitis too.


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