Sunday, 16 April 2017

Got spoons in many puddings*


After breakfast today, Grandad slipped out of the house and into the garden. He was then seen to be wheeling barrows of woodchips to the side of the barn. Huffle and I finished folding washing before also joining him outside to add to the wheelbarrows of woodchips. Not only was the bit from the veggie patch to the barn done but we also did around the fruit bushes and the comfrey. It is looking very smart. We had a lot of help again from the two boys.

I hid lots of eggs around the house and garden and the kids found them all with their little baskets. They didn't want clues this year. At the end we put them all in one dish and helped ourselves. Grandma made a start on dinner which was not intended for midday but more like mid afternoon. We finished our work in the garden as the dark clouds started to descend.

The storm never came though we had quite humid conditions at times plus some huge rain spots that didn't really come to anything until the evening when it bucketed it down. All the boys played basketball and then we came in. The kids played on their tablets. Huffle helped with dinner and I made a filo tart for Small and I. We had a lovely dinnner. Far too much food but worth the wait. However we have enough Beef for the rest of the week and maybe some of next! Grandma said we could have Treacle Pudding but not until 6pm.

There was also a game of football

MrsRoyal came for a quick visit as we were clearing up. Grandma did make the Treacle Pudding which was just delicious and we ate it just before 6pm.

Everyone played Newmarket. Smallest won. It was funny. We always use the coins from Huffle's bag of foreign money. In this bag there is a gold coloured signature ring and two big coins commemorating Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding. These are much wanted items and we always want to win them.


A Grandma comment made about MrMoonPig who "has spoons in many puddings!"


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