Saturday, 29 April 2017

Fake Grass in a Pot!

Why am I not sleeping well at the moment? It's driving me crazy! We all had breakfast and then the Stoke supporters watched their team draw with no goals downstairs and I watched my team win 1-0 upstairs. We only managed to watch until half time though as we went off to Downtown Toronto on the train. Huffle bought us tickets for the baseball today.

We caught the train and arrived in Toronto around midday. We couldn't find the Skywalk so we had to walk along the streets following the crowds to the stadium. The Blue Jays were playing The Tampa Bay Rays. We have seen this team the most out of all of the other teams. We had seats in the 500's but near the front so we had a great view. Also we had no one in front us until the very end so we could put our feet up, not have anyone in our line of vision and not have to listen to the normal rubbish they all say (though we did still have a couple of swearing people behind us).

Huffle packed his bag full of lovely treats so we had something to nibble pn through the game as we missed lunch. It wasn't a bad game and The Blue Jays won in the end which is always good. As it was Junior Jays Saturday, the kids got to play on some games. There were too many kids and Smallest couldn't be bothered to queue but they both had a go on the Plinko where Small won a bookmark and Smallest won a LunchBag.

After the game Huffle took us a different route through the City, away from the hoards of fans leaving the stadium and away from the cigarette smokers. It was long but eventually we got to G for Gelato where we shared pizza and had lovely Gelatos of course. Today's flavours eaten were Salted Caramel, Raspberry, White Chocolate Nougat, lemon, vanilla bean, kit Kat. Yum yum.

We have no idea what this naked pink bear was doing here
A new dog park has been created with a weird fountain. Very strange

We walked back to the train station, sat for a while waiting for the train to come listening to scooby Doo man on the phone and then played Chinese Lip Reading and Don't Show Keith your teeth on the journey home.

Great day, very tiring.


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